Posted by: kcgadiyar | October 14, 2008

An Idle Observation

7:00 in the morning is no time to get ideas for blogs, but this one germinated at that time, so it may be a little far-fetched a theory.

Music channels are at their peak early in the morning showing continuous music (as opposed to the ads they show the rest of the day). The song “Pappu can’t dance” showed up on a channel. I have seen this video a lot of times and never noticed anything strange with it ever. But today in my half-asleep, half-awake mode i noticed the thing that led to this blog being written.

The link for checking out the video is here

Check the video out with specific reference to 3:38-3:40 and 3:48-3:54 seconds, its required for the topic of the blog. Go ahead, i will wait.

Ok, now that you are back, the clips show one of the main characters(a girl who is part of the gang) dancing with another girl(not seen again in the movie). As such, this would have been dismissed as an abberation by me, but in the movie, this character has no relationship with any boy(seeing how every other character in the movie is pining for love) and has tomboyish traits. You get where i am going with this?

Yes, i am implying that the character was intended to be gay. I have no proof beyond this song and the characterisation of the character through the rest of the movie. I haven’t watched the movie in its entirety, but my friends who have assure me that there is no payoff to this character in the movie.

But somehow, this point is still sticking with me. I feel that there was a track claiming the character was gay which got left on the cutting room floor or got removed at a conceptual stage. The reasons i can think for this is that the makers wanted no controversy.

This was a film launching newcomers, who probably would have liked a non-controversial launch. The movie could have been banned by activists, the smaller centers may not have reacted favorably, a lot of reasons. But, in the end, it comes down to insulting the audiences intelligence by assuming that we can’t handle gay characters.

The portrayal of gay characters in Hindi movies is either for comedic effect (See Kantaben or the upcoming “Dostana”) or as a member of the Glamour Industry(see any Madhur Bhandarkar movie). Its also probably that the bad reactions that “Fire” and “Girlfriend” got in India that deters people.

Whatever the reason, blatant foreshadowing with no follow-up made the character half-developed in this movie. And i have to say, in an Industry where Box-Office gross is King, i can see their POV.

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