Posted by: kcgadiyar | October 14, 2008

Mom knows.

Hello once again from K.C.G,

Quick Takes:
  • Ok, the night grand prix in Singapore looked great, but Ferrari have had 4 bad pit accidents after they went away from the lolly pop system to the lights. Maybe they need to relook their strategy a bit.
  • Only in Hyderabad can you tell someone “I am taking the Lifestyle to Paradise road” and not be looked at like you have lost your mind
  • The Busy season is a bad time to have coffee, apparently
  • Clay Aiken declares that he is gay, talk about a reveal that people saw coming years ago.
  • What was the best thing before sliced bread?
I had nothing better to write about, and this was a small idea which was germinating for a long time and i had hoped to have it for mothers day, but never could complete it satisfactorily. Hope you enjoy this.
Moms always win. That’s a fact.
I don’t know of anyone who has ever won an argument with their mother. I would attribute it to the fact that moms know which buttons to push in an argument. They can make you do things they want and make you think it was your idea all along.
I believe that Moms have a mom-sense, which makes them know almost exactly what you are thinking at any given time, and decode entire messages from a slight modification in your body language. This extra sense that they have makes it impossible for anyone to beat their mothers at an argument. They can trap you in logical fallacies which you never thought about while forming your case.
In India, more than any other country, calling up Mom is a daily ritual for most people, it doesn’t matter where you are, there is a designated time when everyone calls up their mothers. This is normally around the end of the work-day (which i think also explains the network congestion at around that time to a large extent). And when you call, based on the modulation of your voice, you are bound to get “You sound tired” “you sound sick” or variations on that theme. Then, the news of the day, how work went, and so on. This is a routine most of us have.
Above this all, Moms have this knack of knowing stuff about you even before you do. For all these reasons, Moms are a lifeline to most of us. Here is a comic strip which i think sums up this entry the best.

Until Next Time,


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