Posted by: kcgadiyar | October 14, 2008

Ok, Now what?

Idle observations from the desk of K.C.G,

Quick Takes:

  • Zaheer Khan: Top Scorer, Harbhajan Singh: Second highest, never thought i would see the day
  • Drab Draw for the first test, India and Australia both looked like they didn’t want to win
  • Congratulations to Rahul and Jean on their engagement
  • Keemo has filtered down from a lot of people to just 3, we all wish him luck in further filtering. (Update: False Alarm, he is as active as ever)
  • The songs of Dostana are very good, recommended listening
  • Batman:RIP part 5 was the best of the series so far, do yourself a favour, read this when it comes in trade form
  • Shifted to a new home, the commute time has been cut( in theory)
  • When you choke a smurf, what color does it turn?


Was watching the season premiere of “How i met your mother”, it follows from a cliffhanger ending in the last season when Ted asks Stella to marry him. This season started directly after that point. The way it started was interesting, Ted goes through all possible scenarios that could be the answer to his question, and not one of those scenarios ends nicely, for example, in one scenario Stella treats it as a joke, in an extreme scenario Stella tells him she is eloping with her college boyfriend and so on. In reality, Stella accepts his proposal.

This made me think, why do we always expect the worst, not just expecting the worst, but rather being completely unprepared for the best. In case what you want actually happens, you are left wondering “Great, Ok, Now what?” mainly because you haven’t thought it through till here. You are in a peculiar situation, you know exactly what to do when things don’t turn out well, but in best case scenario you have no idea what to do.

I myself have been a victim of this quite often, i run through many scenarios for each possible thing i do and almost every scenario ends badly. I have found that this is quite the same with most of my friends. This may have a technical name, but i like to call this the “Roadrunner syndrome”. i.e. Wile E.Coyote will never catch the roadrunner, mainly because he will have no idea what to do if he ever actually manages to catch the roadrunner. He obviously doesn’t need to eat the roadrunner, because he seems to be getting by just fine till now without eating the roadrunner. If the coyote ever manages to catch the roadrunner, he will now have one less activity to do, maybe chasing the roadrunner has become such a part of the coyote’s life that the coyote just can’t do without it.

As has been said, the thrill is in the chase. Once the target is reached you have no clue what is next. This sentiment was also expressed by “Sideshow Bob” when he refuses to kill Bart Simpson saying that he has no idea what to do with his arch-nemesis gone.

Similarly, this manifests a lot of different ways everyday in people’s lives. For example, if a guy wants to ask a girl out for coffee, he will have gone over the scenario a million times in his head, but even in one of those million times, the girl will not have said “Yes”. The guy has this in his mind, so when the girl says “No”, he moves on and tries later. But, if the girl says Yes, he is stuck, no idea what to do next.

This fear of success is in many ways makes romantic comedies the hits they are, because we all want the happy ending from the movies, but just can’t imagine that happening in real life.

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