Posted by: kcgadiyar | October 14, 2008


Hello Once again from the desk of K.C.G,

Quick Takes:
  • Multiply was down through most of the weekend, apparently it was because of a Hurricane hitting New Orleans according to
  • Saw “Rock On” , Loved the movie, look for a review soon
  • Kimi Raikkonen’s string of bad luck continues, as F1 sees the slowest finish to a race ever, i still back Massa
  • Line of last week: “Time teaches you things. If i was given a loaded gun 2 weeks ago, i would have had no idea what to do with it.”: An Angry Co-worker.
  • No taking breaks for the next 2 weeks (hmmm…)
  • Why isn’t phonetic spelled the way it sounds?
Was doing some arbit surfing, when i came across this on
A seemingly innocuous joke on a very good Joke site, but this got me thinking, why exactly do we regret not having done things more than we regret having done those things. According to me the statistic is skewed.
I feel that in not doing something, you have made a whole scenario imaginary. You have built up a divergent future in which you did it and life continued from that point forward. Since this divergent timeline is completely in your head, it is an ideal one. The little scenarios within it ALWAYS work out in your favor. There is no bad stuff that happens there.
Let me take an example, say you like a girl/guy, and want to go up and talk to him/her. But, you could never muster enough courage. But, in the back of your mind, there was always the scenario being played out, you would go and talk and he/she would find you interesting and the scenario just builds from there.
This is an ideal. The scenario you have built is a no-lose proposition for you since you are in control. But, if you do go and talk, one of the following is going to happen
  • The person will turn out to be less than ideal
  • The person will be as you imagined, but not perfect
  • The person may be better than you thought
That’s where fear of failure sets in, you want the 3rd option to happen, but you are scared that it will be the first one occurring. So, you sit quietly with the scenario still in you mind only. You know what you want to talk, you know how you will open the conversation, but you don’t want to have it.
That is why i feel that the above statistic is skewed, its comparing real life to an ideal world. Basically, though, i recommend taking action, ir helps if you have friends to push you on your way.
To close, quoting someone (i am too lazy to find out who) “The best romances are the ones you never had”
Until next time,


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