Posted by: kcgadiyar | October 14, 2008

The Indian Way

A “we are like this wonly” blog from the desk of K.C.G,

Quick Takes:

  • Batman:RIP rocks, Part 4 was released this week and just blew me away
  • Sri Lanka’s batting played like India today
  • Why can’t 2 Deloitte divisions work together? (Mr. Sarbanes and Mr. Oxley, i am looking at you)
  • Do radioactive cats have 18 half-lives?


What a sporting day for India. A bronze, another medal guaranteed and a Victory in Cricket against Sri Lanka. But the celebrations were somewhat in a circumspect manner.

At around 4, we found out that Sushil Kumar had won a Bronze, which led to all of us trying to figure out how exactly he had done that having lost in the Quarterfinals. It turned out to be a pretty convoluted explanation which meant that whichever god Sushil had prayed to today (Remember, in India we have over 65000 deities at last count) had done his job and aligned everything for him to get the medal. A government job and over a crore of rupees was announced as reward for his achievement.

At 4:30, the Indian cricket team despite their best efforts, managed to win against Sri Lanka. I swear i have never seen a team so determined to pull out defeat from a can’t lose situation.

At 6:30, Vijender Kumar won his boxing match and guaranteed himself a medal. Through all this people kept coming and going in the breakout area in our office. In cricket, even when we required 14 runs off 20 balls to win with 5 wickets in hand (trust me, this is easy in any form of cricket), the audience (including me) where still not sure that India would actually pull this off. When we did, rather than celebrate, most of us were quitely relieved that India actually held on.

Then, Jitender Kumar lost and we were right back to Blaming everything from the administration to the lack of facilities etc. But then when Vijender won, the mood was euphoric.

In order to see how the rest of India is celebrating, we switched to the news channels, and a headline caught my eye.

Vijender wins quarterfinal, assured Bronze medal

As such, there is nothing wrong with the statement. The thing that struck me most in the statement was that “Assured Bronze medal” could have just as easily been written as “Assured winning a medal“. But, this statement coupled with the fact that everyone watching the Cricket match was prepared to accept defeat made it clear that “The Indian Way” begins with setting our expectations rock-bottom.

We are happy to say “We gave our best, its just that we did not win”. Its saying “He will win a bronze now” despite having a shot at the Gold or Silver. The Indian way, is saying that “I will do this, but i may not be the best at it”. Basically, set the bar low, so that when you exceed them, everyone is surprised.

I am sure that this is not a good thing to say, but this is what i noticed. I too am guilty of this, i set expectations low so that if good things happen, people are happy. Its just

The Indian Way.

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