Posted by: kcgadiyar | October 14, 2008

Who are you trying to impress

Credit to Meghana for suggesting this topic.

Quick Takes:

  • Madagascar is a cool movie, loved the penguins
  • Pretty successful Beijing 2008 for India, here’s hoping for more in London 2010
  • Speaking of which, the medal winners thanked Samsung, but didn’t thank the Indian Olympic association, that must have stung
  • Californication is too good a show, watch it
  • Crossword and Odyssey have no “Graphic novels” section here in Hyderabad
  • Why do they call it a TV set when you only get one?


I was chatting with a college friend on GTalk a few days ago and in the course of the conversation i brought up the point that i regularly go to the gym in Deloitte. His response was “Who are you trying to impress?”

In fact, i noticed that most people have the exact same question. My question is can’t a man go to the gym in order to keep fit? Deloitte has a gym, the membership is free, and it is not all that well utilized by employees.

I have made going to the gym a regular part of my daily activities, the reasons are many, namely keeping fit and preventing the “fat gene” which i can only assume my family carries(due to solid evidence) from manifesting itself. But, trying to impress someone is not part of the reason. To further convince everyone and put the issue beyond doubt, here is something i made in MS Paint
But, apparently its much easier for people to believe that you go to the gym to impress someone than it is to believe that you go to the gym to keep fit. What does this say about us as a whole? Do we believe in keeping fit ONLY if there is an incentive attached, the incentive being admiration of a special someone (If they only admire you if you have muscles and ignore you otherwise, how special can that special someone be?)

So, basically, our sense of finding meanings which don’t exist to straight statements is a pretty silly thing which i feel we would best be served leaving at home.

Until next time,

P.S: The idea for the following was suggested by Rahul

It also says a lot about people and where they probably go to “meet” other people. Rahul and I made a small list

  • People who focus mainly on physical attributes would probably try to pick up people at the gym or a health club etc
  • People more turned on by mental prowess, probably go to debates or Jam sessions and say “Criticism completes me”
  • People liking the social skills, the preferred meeting locations would be hangouts, clubs etc
  • People more intellectually inclined, Libraries etc.
  • People completely socially inept and cant stand the presence of others, well, they have imaginary girlfriends


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