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Klueless 4: The journey to the Hall of Fame

Update: Gautham has his experiences documented here,


2 days, 2 guys, a supporting team, 31 levels, From the heights of euphoria to the depths of desperation and everything in between. And one amazing shot in the dark. This was the Klueless4 experience in a nutshell for me.

For those of you who have not played it yet, go to:

There will be some spoilers following. But i will try to steer clear of answers and will be giving vague hints. If you dont want to be spoiled, dont proceed.

After being on the Klueless 3 team, i was looking forward to playing Klueless4 for quite some time. Finally, on thursday the game was launched. And i started playing it at 12 in the afternoon. Lets take you through my journey level by level.

Level 0: Self explanatory level. No one with an IQ above 10 should be stuck on this.

Level 1: This seemed like a simple CAPTCHA, until later levels came around i didn’t give this level a second thought. But this level took on a whole different significance later on.

Level 2: This was the mandatory “Stop living in the past” level that is there in every Klueless. Again, fairly straightforward

Level 3: This level as it says, is very very easy. 

Level 4: This was the first level where solving riddles started. Of course, the riddle here was easy, with the minister and the numbers having a common thread in them. 

Till here, it had taken me 5 minutes maybe. But there was a feeling that the other shoe was going to drop soon, its like the lull before the storm.

Level 5: Well, well, well, looks like Klueless has a sponsor this time. We had wanted a level like this in Klueless3, in fact we even had an idea for a level like this in our KT with the Klueless2 team. It just never materialized. Having been on the Klueless3 team helped here, since i knew that the source would probably have been very important. As for the answer, well, it isn’t “Performance”

Level 6: First major roadblock for me. I took the clues literally and started thinking that Klueless was a crossword puzzle rather than a riddle to be solved. Of course, finally got it after about an hour of being stuck here. Dont laugh, i know the level is easy, but it happens to the best of them

Level 7: A very easy level again, i did enter the wrong answer once. But i looked at the source and then immediately entered the right one

Level 8: Second major roadblock. I was stuck on Donner-Blitzen for so long because the clue said two words. This is where Rahul joined in. He said, since it is 2 words, maybe the first 2 lines give one word, the next 2 give the next. He was half right, and Alchemy Stole helped later After that point it took barely a minute to solve this level.

Level 9: Simple one for me, being a huge cartoon fan helps.There was a full sequence in Simpsons dedicated to this code language

Level 10: Took no time to solve, since it said one word, i immediately entered the first celebrity one word that came to mind.

Level 11: Another pretty easy level. The name of the people gives what we are looking for. And the first line saying, it was here, gave the required answer.

Level 12:I felt that the level was very arbit actually, because to get the answer you have to either know what the shape is called or google the other 2 pics without spaces. This level was were working as a team really helped. Rahul knew what the shape was called and this led us to the answer directly, but this level could have been so much better with a less arbitrary clue.

Level 13: <Spoiler> 


Huge LOTR fan, so i figured out the script immediately. Rahul is a natural code breaker, he figured out the first 2 words of the code and i completed the poem and we knew what the answer was. Besides, having sat through the trilogy there was no way i was getting this wrong. Besides, this level was very similar to one i designed last year (level 10), down to the clue.



<end spoiler>

Level 14: We thought it was a “Regards” ring at first, but then it turned out to be a variation on it

Level 15: 15a was easy since i figured out the pattern the words were written in pretty early. 15c was easy the moment i saw that the animal was silent. 15b took time, in fact i solved 15b by starting from the start again, this made me see some levels in a different light altogether.

Level 16: Rahul figured out the key, the source gave us the pattern. Boom, the level was done with minimal cribbing.

Level 17: These guys tried their best to lead us down the wrong track, but luckily we noticed the hidden lyric.

Level 18: <Spoiler> 



Mobile based levels are tricky, since Nokia, sony ericcson etc. have different keypads. Anyway, we got tea and nine, and i got that it was t9 and not ninety, and Rahul remembered where he had heard t9 before.



<End Spoiler>



Level 19: Rahul just said the pictures out loud and we were on our way

Level 20: Psychological barrier. Going to 21 is very important. So, normally 20 is supposed to be very tough. Wikipedia was our friend, philosopher, guide in this level. Else, it might have taken a year for us to solve it.

Level 21: A similar level to level 20 last year, pretty easily cracked.

Level 22: Again, me and rahul pored over wiki to crack this, but it wasn’t too much trouble.

Level 23: This level truly had us stumped. We knew we were searching for first sponsor, but “Prudential” was wrong. Finally, exasperated, i said a tournament name, Rahul entered its sponsor name and it was right. This was our first stroke of luck, since the pigpen cipher did not work too well.

Level 24: This level was completely cracked by Rahul. I was going down wrong paths here

Level 25: This level was where i thought my Klueless journey would end. Was stuck on it for a full 24 hours. 18 MBA’s from the top B-Schools and a few IITians were working on this level at one point and still could not crack it.

At around 5:30 in the evening, i got sick and tired of reading people type “Its so simple” and just entered random words in the text area. Luckily, my second try was right. The expressions on my and Rahuls face were worth recording, disbelief mixed with marvel over our good luck. And you know what the answer really was simple.

Level 26: Not an impossible level to solve by any stretch of the imagination.

Level 27: This was solved by Meghana, i realised what was common to xy and working together, and she found the location.

Level 28: Too many clues, you would think the level wasn’t meant to be cracked judging by the amount of clues they gave. But it was a pretty well thought out level.

Level 29: I had designed a level using a similar cipher last year which wasn’t used, so this level was pretty easy to solve.

Level 30: Reached this level, and left office for the weekend. Once i reached home, i realised that my net connection at home was down, this led to a frustrating one day wait to solve it. Found the pic easily enough, the differences were also easily found, but couldn’t put 2 and 2 together. Finally at around 7 in the evening on Saturday, realisation dawned and cleared the level thanks to the oh-so golden pattern.

Level 31: I am Klueless.

After 2 full days of work, Me and Rahul are lucky number 13 in the Hall of Fame

All in all, it was very fun. Level 16 and 29 were my personal favorites. 25 still has me stumped. Looking forward to next year now. 

Until Next Time,




  1. Karthik.. You have given away too many spoilers too soon.. not expected from somebody who was in klueless team. Totally against the spirit. 😦

  2. to solve 15b, u mean u did the whole thing again…ie 1-15…wow..!! at 155am, i dont think I have the patience for that..but seriously KLUELESS on 15b…and now sleep is conquering me 🙂 btw..congrats on finishing K4

  3. @Vishal: I realize there are some spoilers, but most of them are spoilers only if you already know the answer beforehand.

  4. @Ajit: Thanks.

  5. buddy what is oh-so golden pattern ?

  6. @Shantanu: Sorry buddy, but cant give a more explicit hint than that.

  7. buddy for lvl 30 i have the differences, what more should i do ? ne suggestions ?

  8. Please some clue for 30……….stuck for 2 days

  9. I got #13 by fluke because I could recognise the script they were trying to match. but i just have to know the cipher! What was the code?

  10. This blog was really helpful for me in cracking Klueless4… Thanks !

  11. I assume you have the way of solving level 25 now. Just in case you don’t, you can always open non-text files in notepad 🙂

  12. for u lvl 21 was cakewalk but i am stuck here since yesterday…
    could you please help
    i know its something related to xpt but getting nowhere with this

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  14. hii…..need help in level 18….stuck for almost 14 hours…have reached to a great extent…got t9 but unable to form the word after the answers to 3 ques given on the page…but what after that??? plzzz help!!!!

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