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Sundays with the Watchmen, Week 5: Watchmen#5 review

“This wars looking serious. Makes a guy start figuring out escape routes, y’know. I mean, my father, when things deteriorated in thirties Germany, he split.”

“Sure, that was World War Two. In World War Three, wheres to split to?” – Conversation at the Newsstand, Watchmen#5.

The World is on the brink of Nuclear War, Ozymandias survives anassassination attempt, Dan Drieberg anLaurie Juspeczyk become roommates and Rorschach is captured. All this and more in Watchmen#5 “Fearful Symmetry”


This issue is special in the way it is drawn. The last panel on the last page is thematically similar to the first panel on the first page and so on. Along with the name “Fearful symmetry”, there is also symmetry found in the pages.

The issue starts off with Rorschach paying Moloch a visit and asking him if he knows anything about the who is hunting the metahumans. Not finding any answers, he tells Moloch to contact him is he finds anything.

We cut to Laurie and Dan meeting in a diner, hearing that Laurie has no place to stay, Dan invites her to stay with him.

There is an assassination attempt on Ozymandias, but his secretary gets killed and the assassin eats a poison capsule, thus committing suicide before he can be questioned.

The police get a tip-off about Rorschach, Rorschach gets a message from Moloch. He reaches Molochs house only to find Moloch dead and the Police surrounding the house. After putting up a fight, Rorschach is apprehended and is being dragged to jail at the end of the issue.


I have already talked about the brilliant panel layout of this issue, the way it is symmetric is just amazing. The amount of plotting that must have gone into creating this issue must have been phenomenal. The story suffers a bit because of this constraint, but there is plenty of story to keep us entertained.

The best bits of this issue are the parts where we get a ground-level view of things. Not from the superheroes, but from normal people.

The conversations at the newsstand, in which different people weigh in with their views as to who is behind the war, and who will benefit from it.

The cop scenes, especially the one where they go to find a suicidee who has a poster of Buddha in a peaceful pose on his door, resonate the most in this issue. They are doing their best to keep law and order in a world going mad.

The finish of the book is an amazing hook ending in which we finally find out the true face of Rorschach and it turns out to be the doomsday nut who has been seen in almost every issue so far.

This issue was good without being brilliant, so 4/5 for this issue.

Next week: We look at the life of Rorschach, who he is and how he came to be. This is one issue you don’t wanna miss.

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