Posted by: kcgadiyar | November 26, 2008


After 6 issues (not counting the teaser in DC Universe#0). Batman:RIP, the most awaited Batman story in years, ends tomorrow.

I have followed this story through the ultra confusing first 2 issues, the psychedelic third one, the revelation filled 4th issue and the action packed 5th one.

The solicits for the issue read: This is it – “Batman R.I.P.” concludes here! The final, heartrending confrontation between Bruce Wayne and Jezebel Jet. The final fate of The Dark Knight. And the horrifying and shocking truth behind the Black Glove. With The Joker, the Club of Villains, Robin, Damian, plus an ending you’ll never see coming – this one has it all!

So, will it be ending with a bang, or is it much hype for nothing. Whatever it is, the journey has been worth it so far. I have hung in there for 7 months waiting for the finale. This has to be my most-awaited comic of this year.

A full review of the complete storyline will be posted as time allows. For now though looking forward to Batman#681, lets see how it does wrapping it up.


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