Posted by: kcgadiyar | November 27, 2008

Batman#681: RIP conclusion Review

First off, terror attacks in Mumbai again. I cant believe that bringing in a tougher anti-terrorism law is still being debated. The terrorists go about spraying bullets, indiscriminately shooting down people and the government wants to be soft to them?

Onto the review, the conclusion of the RIP storyline: Batman#681


The finale of Grant Morrison’s magnum-opus for his Batman run is everything he said it would be. In essence, this issue captures Batman’s larger than life image, his ability to think of everything, and his never say die attitude.

So, the question most of us are asking, did Morrison kill off Bruce Wayne. Well, its the classic “Dead body not found” trope. I won’t get into spoiler details, read the book, it is well worth it.

The issue starts with Batman buried in a coffin and in a straitjacket. But, this being Batman, he digs out and in the process gives us one of the best pages in a comic book this year. This page has ICONIC written all over it.


Tony Daniel, I salute you. Brilliant work.

The issue wraps up every point from Morrison’s run on Batman so far, no thread is left dangling (apart from the Dr.Hurt/Thomas Wayne thread).

And the “Battle for the cowl” is set up nicely. Nightwing seems to be the obvious successor, but we will see what DC has planned.


My only doubt is as to how this fits in to Grant Morrison’s grander scheme. He has already told us that Bruce Wayne is Batman in “Final Crisis”, Bruce obviously got out because of the narration that he provides throughout the issue. And Final Crisis#6 is being promoted as “The Final Fate of the Dark Knight”

But, as a single issue, this issue rocked. 5/5 from me. Brilliant ending to a brilliant series.


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