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Guest Blog by Chinmay: The great Marsh saga

Hi all, This is a guest blog by Chinmay, He had written an amazing description of an incident which had recently transpired

All names apart from Chinmays and Mine have been changed in order to protect the identity of the people involved.


40 minutes past midnight. This is the first time I am switching a machine at this time to report something. I am terribly sleepy, partly hallucinating, badly confused and a bit worried over some personal matters. In simple words, please spare me if I skip any major part in the storyline or if this is really boring. 


It was 3 minutes to the midnight of Mr.K’s birthday and out of anxiety to wish Mr.K, I placed a call.

A voice in a call centre like American accent replied, “Mr.K has gone for a bath”.

Bath at midnight…thats a bit wierd. 

“Might I know who this is?”

“I am Mr.K’s friend Ms.S.”

Great… in heaven’s name what did I just hear!!!

Confusion had just taken over my senses.

Called up Karthik and he was in no better state. In fact he had just managed to get himself him depression as Hamilton won the F1 season. And this story had just added to his tragedy.

A second call and Mr.K made his first mistake, “Its L at my place”

G confirmed that neither him nor S were at the house and nor was he aware of any storyline. On connecting the bits and pieces even he was dumbfounded.

Next day Mr.K replies “Sorry man I lied..shall tell you the entire story” 

Chapter one:  The Past

It was in Madiwala church that, almost two years back, she came over to speak to Mr.K. Though they had seen each other in church multiple times it was the first time they ever spoke.

Lightning never strikes the same place twice. But this is no lightning… So at church some during major celebration, she asked Mr.K to dance along with her.

Then they met up in the Indiranagar church. And there was absolutely no story after that, despite Mr.K’s lame attempts to spot her at the mass, which ended him up commenting that girls do not attend masses.

It was all over, until… 

Chapter  two:  The present

Nov 1st:  It was B’s birthday. Mr.K was high after a double shot of Tequila and had stuffed up a lot of cake. Just to avoid the side-effects he decided not to sleep and decided to go to church for evening mass. He also wanted to pray for B(No am not sure about this)

In the church they have this fund collection for welfare of poor people and since there was no one, Mr.K volunteered to collect. It was then he noticed her sitting in the back row. They exchanged smiles. Apparently she had turned up with her mom(yes he did feel her to be a spoilsport).

The mass ended Mr.K was waiting for her at the exit. Unfortunately the church has about five of them and she managed to go out totally unnoticed. As if Mr.K had not decided to give up he took two rounds of church and came back. No signs.

<Narration stops> “Hey remember you people had given me her number. I took my cell out and called her. And she picked”<\Narration continues>.

So she was waiting along with her mother for him at the main entrance.

<Narration stops> Mr.K told me about infant Jesus but I didn’t understand. Guess it had nothing to do with the main storyline<\Narration continues>.

So here we are. She tells Mr.K her whereabouts , likes dislikes etc etc. Out of which the whereabouts really matter here coz Mr.K offers her a drop and she boldly rejected as she had to accompany her mom.

Then they chatted and they chatted and well they chatted.<this is important piece of line for the next thing to be told>

She mentioned him that she wanted to go to Thippasandra market(ie my gully) and she said that she would walk down. Mr.K happily told that he would walk down as well as he had not brought his bike.< you see that line was important…coz it made her forget the fact>. Then she told him how much she loves to walk. She had walked down from her house till Oasis mall in Koramangala. And she just loves walking…<and guess what by now walking had become Mr.K’s favourite means of transport> (Her mom was just there while these two were doing all the talkings). She mentioned that she had participated in a football tournament at her workplace and told him that she will show him the photos. <An important feed for next chapter>. At this point Mr.K had virtually forgotten the existence of other human life forms on Earth. B managed to remind him with a call and mentioned that he was stranded outside the house without a key. No chance… Gotta go… The duo exchanged mail ids. Mr.K told his id and pushed off to home.

Late in the evening she messaged him asking if it was 1210 or 1215. Perhaps this was the most significant message as this gave enough courage to Mr.K that he can message her back. The messaging spree continued for about 2 or 3 hours till 1.30 in the night, when she mentioned that she works in an odd shift between 12 and 2 and hence stays awake till 2 even on weekends. Finally she asked him his birthday and Mr.K replied that it was on the next day as it was already the day at that moment. She ended up telling him to call her over in case of any plans.

Late evening B started showing some interest of watching Golmaal returns. So they invited one of B’s colleagues and Ms.S for the movie. The movie was in the interval when B revealed the surprise party which was organised at home.  And Ms.S showed interest of joining the party. Despite multiple persuasions from Mr.K that he will drop her home early, she refused saying that she and her mom are used to her returning late. So it okay to attend the birthday party. Post dinner it was 11.40 in the night when Mr.K and co reached home. P joined the party and that made five of them. This followed cake cutting, loading Mr.K’s face with the creamy cake and as the things went a bit messy, Mr.K ended up having a cake bath. This pushed him to bath. Meanwhile Balu made a move to drop his friend and made a second trip to drop P. It was then when all the birthday wishers entered the scene and heard from Ms.S and Mr.K made things worse by telling that it was L.

Chapter three: The future

Mr.K sees only one reason to contact her i.e. asking the photos of football tournament. But really if he explores he has multiple reasons.

The real twist is that she has plans of going to Dubai in Feb or March.

So he’s got to act fast. <No proposing in airport may not work out.>

Moral of the story: Alcohol really opens you up (see chapter two). Hail Tequila.

<Yawn> I need a sleep. Good night</Yawn>




  1. Hey! good story man! looks like even i gotta hang out in churches quite often 😀

  2. L??? Who is that?

  3. L is K’s neighbour 🙂 … She was a momentary cover-up for S.

  4. ah alright!! 🙂

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