Posted by: kcgadiyar | December 13, 2008

Review: Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi

rab_neI judge movies based on a few criteria. How many times i looked at my watch through the movie, how many cheers did the crowd sitting in the theatre give to the dialogues, what is my immediate reaction once the end credits start rolling and finally, did i feel i got my moneys worth.

For Rab Ne… the answers would be 2, more times than i can count, It was pretty good and Yes, i did get my moneys worth.

One thing that RNBDJ (too long a title to type in full) proves is that SRK will get cheered irrespective of how he looks. The movie starts with a shot of SRK looking like Amol Palekar stepping out of a train, and the audience went wild. The amount of screaming in the theatre had to be heard to be believed.

Getting down to the review part of it, this movie requires you to have an amazing level of suspension of disbelief.

You have to be willing to accept that a girl could not recognize her husband just because he has shaved off his moustache, removed his glasses and changed his hairstyle.

If you can accept that and allow SRK and Aditya Chopra to tell the tale, then you will end up enjoying the ride they have in store for us.

The story is simple, Surinder Sahni, played brilliantly by SRK is a wedding guest at Taani’s (Anushka Sharma)wedding when the news breaks that the Grooms vehicle has had an accident and everyone is dead. So, Surinder is asked to step in and marry the bride.

Surinder realizes that Taani does not love him and invents a new personality called Raj through the help of Bobby (A brilliant Vinay Pathak) and pursues Taani. Taani slowly falls in love with the haapy-go-lucky Raj without knowing that it is Surinder and finally has to choose between the two.

The ending is keeping in line with Indian tastes, lets just say that YRF decided to avoid all controversy with a very conventional ending.

The music is nice, just 4 songs with 3 songs repeated in instrumental and variant versions. The item song where SRK pays tribute to different eras in indian cinema with a host of actresses was a highpoint of the movie. But, the maximum audience hooting was when the initial beats of “Haule Haule” was played. The dance sequence at the very end is filmed brilliantly, giving us the climatic dance along with Taanis realization interspersed with each other.

Anushka Sharma has acted well and has held her own even in scenes with SRK. Vinay Pathak is just brilliant in the few scenes he appears in, especially in the scene where he tells SRK to be more Macho.

The backbone of this movie is ShahRukh Khan though. Brilliant performance by SRK, especially as Surinder Sahni, Raj is an over the top act, but the two portrayals are carried out competently by him. The movie would have collapsed if any other actor had been cast in this role. But SRK puls it off. Surinder is one of his careers best performances. Raj is tolerable. The sequences were Surinder decides whether to keep a rose or not, the sumo wrestling sequence and the scene when he gets a tiffin to take to work for the first time are just first rate by SRK.

The direction by Aditya Chopra is good, but the DDLJ magic is not seen, same as in Mohabbatein.

Overall, 3/5. Watchable movie if you dont question the logic too much. Recommended.

Loudest Applauses given by the theatre audience for:

1. SRK, Obviously

2. Vinay Pathak

3. Kajol

4. Asin (in the trailer of Ghajini, makes sense seeing how Asin is a south star and i was watching this in Hyderabad)

5. Neil Nitin Mukesh (in the trailer of New york)


People/things whom the audience didnt particularly care for:

1. Any heroine apart from Kajol in the Phir Milenge Chalte Chalte song

2. Jumbo (the trailer, probably the wrong audience for that trailer)

3. The Vicco vajradanti ads.


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