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Year-end 2008 lists: Top 5 Hindi films i have watched this year

Its the end of the year. Ok, so we are still a fortnight away from the end, but i figure its about the right time to start an end-of-the-year roundup before everyone starts it and it gets real old real fast.

To start off with, i decided to detail the best Hindi films i have seen this year, I used Wikipedia as reference to figure out which movies actually released in the year 2008 since my memory is not the best thing to count on.

This list may or may not be final, since Ghajini releases on December 25th, so i may update this if it figures in the top 5.

Also, a disclaimer before i begin, this list only includes movies I have seen, so there may be better movies than the ones i decided to list, but i just havent seen them this year.

The list is also not about the most critically acclaimed movies either, its grouped based on entertainment value as perceived by me alone, you may have a different list and are welcome to your opinion of the movies i list.

Now, lets get onto the list

Honorable Mentions: Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, Jodhaa Akbar, Mithya, Race.

Number 5: Dostana

dostana2 guys pretend to be gay to stay in an apartment, and promptly fall in love with their female roommate.

Why is the movie at number 5: Probably the best big budget film to come out of bollywood this year. The movie was a rip-roaring ride from start to finish. Uncomplicated, filled to the brim with nonsense and wonderful performances by Abhishek Bachchan and John Abraham and Bobby Deol.
This movie is the definition of mindless time pass. You can watch it, come out and forget it immediately, but you will not have regreted giving the past 2 and a half hours of your life to this movie

Why isn’t it higher: Mindless entertainment can only take you so far on end of the year lists. But, definitely, the movie is well worth a watch.

Number 4: Aamir

aamir_posterThis movie almost didnt make the list, i just saw it yesterday. But, it was a brilliant movie. Very crisp at just an hour and a half, the movie follows a Muslim NRI named Aamir who comes back to India and finds that his family has not come to receive him. Suddenly, a motorcycle pulls up, hands him a mobile phone, and the wild ride begins.

Why is this at number 4: Very well shot, brilliant performance by Rajiv Khandelwal, excellent storyline and a well executed finale. Its a concept which grips you “What if your destiny is being written by someone else?” and then takes you on a journey through the lanes of Mumbai’s underbelly. 

Why isn’t it higher: Mainly because despite it only being an hour and a half long, i felt it drag in a few places. No other reason, the top 4 are so close that any small mistake in a movie makes it lose a spot on the list.






Number 3: Dasvidaniya

dasvidaniya-posterVinay Pathak plays the common man, who discovers that he has cancer and only has 3 months to live. With this in mind, he make his Bucket List and goes about fulfiling it one item at a time.

Why is this at number 3: One main reason, Vinay Pathak’s performance. Not once does his performance come about as being too contrived. The movie is almost Saccharine sweet, we are never asked to feel sorry for the character despite the full knowledge that he is dying. And the way he goes about fulfilling his desires is filmed brilliantly

Why isn’t it higher: The scenes shot in Russia come about as being a screenplay of convenience. Apart from that, there are no other faults with this movie.

Number 2: A Wednesday

wednesdayA man calls the police saying that he has planted bombs across the city and he will burst them unless they release the terrorists he has asked for, this begins a cat and mouse game between the police and the man.

Why is this at number 2: I really, really wanted to put this movie at number 1, but after a lot of debate with myself, i felt that it would be better represented at Number 2. The performances from the entire cast are top-notch, with Anupam Kher and Naseeruddin Shah leading the way. The movie is filmed well and doesn’t let go of the tension even for a second. 

Why isn’t this higher:No repeat watching value, at least as far as i am concerned. I haven’t seen this movie again after the one time i saw it. Where as i have seen the Number 1 movie, at least specific scenes from it, many times.




And, the Number 1 movie is

rock_on_posterYes, prepare with the brickbats. But, for me, this was the best movie i watched all year.

The story of a band named Magik who reform after misunderstandings had led them to split up 10 years ago, “Rock On” was a story that said that there is no time limit for following your dream.

Why did this beat the other movies on the list:Good performances have been present in all the movies, good direction can be found in all of the top 5. What set this movie apart were 2 main factors

The story which can be related to by anyone, and 

The brilliant, rocking Music.

In fact, the final performance scene “Tum Ho Toh” followed by “Sinbad the sailor” is probably the best ending to any movie this year.

The movie works as a whole, and completely went above and beyond the abysmal expectations i had from it.



So that was my list, i am sure most of you will disagree with it (isn’t that a definition of countdowns). Any opinions are welcome.

Until Next Time,




  1. […] A look at the nominations above leads us to the first question? Where is “A Wednesday”. By far one of the best movies made this year, it deserved to be recognized here. Instead, RNBDJ sneaks the obligatory YRF nom, although it has absolutely no chance of winning. Jodhaa Akbar will most likely take the trophy home, it has what Hindi films are known for, a full-on spectacle. Rock On!! is my personal favorite in the bunch, as made evident by my year end movie rankings […]

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