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An Aamir Khan double header: Andaz Apna Apna & Rangeela

Quick Takes:

  • Congratulations Kevin, i guess 4th time was the charm. Best of luck for the GD/PI.
  • Korean movies are actually pretty good, anyone planning on watching please start off with “Old Boy” and “My Sassy Girl”
  • The release date of Watchmen is under doubt following litigation between Fox and WB
  • 2009, and everything is the same
  • “Emosional Attyachaar” – Only listen to this song if you have a sense of humor
  • If a cow laughed, would milk come out her nose?


The weekend is a wonderful time. In between the sleep marathons i undertake, i find the time to waste time. Normally i watch TV shows on my laptop, but on saturday i decided to give actual television a chance in order to catch up on the news of the world.While flipping channels, i caught 2 movies, one on Zee Cinema, another on a local channel. Both movies from 1994-95 and both starring Aamir Khan. It was a blast from the past. Having just seen Ghajini, it was fun to watch Aamir prior to his perfectionist days, days when he actually attended awards functions (Not winning for Rangeela was apparently the last straw). The 2 movies in question being Andaz Apna Apna and Rangeela. Thoughts on the movies follow:


Andaz Apna Apna: It is a great contradiction of bollywood that movies like “Andaz Apna Apna” and “Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron” were not hits when they were released, but are loved by the critics now. I just feel that they were the right film in the wrong era. JBDY was released at the height of the angry young man boom and AAA was two actors known for their lover boy personas performing comedies (we have to remember this was before the “versatile” actor phase started when people accepted actors performing against type”. Both these films would have performed much better had they been in the 2006 onwards period releases.

Coming to AAA, its a laugh riot from scene 1 which features Juhi Chawla in a special appearance to the finale which is filled with more characters than a Priyadarshan movie climax.

The heroes Amar and Prem, the heroines Raveena (actually Karishma played by Raveena Tandon) and Karishma (actually Raveena played by Karishma Kapoor), Bhalla and Raabert, Mr.Bajaj and his evil twin Teja and towering above everyone else, Shakti Kapoor as Crime Master Gogo (Mogambo ka Bhatija) are the characters in this comedy of errors, misunderstandings and just plain craziness.

The story is nothing more than an excuse to string together the gags holding this movie together. There are a lot of internal references like the “Sholay iski baap ne likhi hai” or the “Papa kehte hai” song when Aamir Khan cuts the ribbon of the lock-up.

The gags are repeated to this day by people during water cooler conversations, the “Vasco Da Gama ki pistol”, “Main teja hoon kyun ki mera naam bhi Teja hai”, “Circus ka retired bandar” and the “Dil Mein…Pet mein” confusion.

This movie is a perfect time-waster for 3 hours. Its a pity that Aamir will probably not portray a character like the dont-have-a-clue Amar who tells his dad that he is lucky that he will be referred to as “Amar Ke Pitaji”. The crew can be visibly seen to be having a good time through the making of the movie.

Finally again, a shout-out to the most recalled character from the movie, Shakti Kapoor infuses Crime Master Gogo with life, such as it may be, and makes the caricature of 80’s villains a very real character.


Rangeela: This movie is remembered for a lot of reasons, Urmila’s… ahem reintroduction to bollywood, RGV’s introduction, A.R.Rahman’s first hindi score but one thing that most people can still remember is Aamir Khan in the yellow shirt in the 5-star restaurant. This movie was Aamir Khan’s dress rehearsal for the character in Ghulam. This also led to the falling out between Aamir and RGV. RGV himself has become a pale shadow of his former self. But, this shouldn’t distract us from the merits of thsi movie.

The ensemble cast works well together in this movie, from Pakiya who is Munna’s sidekick, Mili’s family, Jackie Shroff (who is relegated in our memory to third best behind Urmila and Aamir), and Gulshan Grover as Steven Kapoor.

The movie pokes fun at the film industry, from star parents to tantrums, nothing is spared. Even the song and dance routine is mocked. The most brilliant scenes in the movie though come from Aamir Khan, from the “Tu Picture dekh raha hai ya mera paanv dekh raha hai” to the aforementioned 5-star hotel scene. The character of Munna keeps us entertained throughout. His fights with Mili and their eventual love story is captured brilliantly.

Catch the film when it shows up on TV from time to time, there are worser ways to spend 3 hours.

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