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Its Back – Sundays with the Watchmen, Week 10: Watchmen#8 review

Extremely sorry to everyone who was expecting a new entry for the past 5 weeks, but i just couldn’t post a new installment. No excuses, just couldn’t.

Anyway, i now have to cut out a lot in order to meet the deadline of March 6th, the Watchmen lawsuit between WB and Fox has now been settled and the March 6th release is confirmed. I now have 5 weeks to post 5 installments. But seeing how i am going to Mangalore the next 2 Sundays, you will be getting 3 posts in quick succession taking us to Watchmen#10. (Perfect timing actually, because Issue#11 is the BIG REVEAL, and keeping the audience waiting  for the reveal is always good). So, thats the plan anyway. Onto this installment.

“Big Figure’s Henchman Larry: [reaching into the bars of Rorschach’s Prison Cell] You lousy little bastard! I’ll tear your goddamned heart out! You’re dead, you unnerstand? Dead! We got a jail full of guys out here who hate your guts. What in hell do you got?
Rorschach: [grabbing his arms] Your hands. My perspective.

[Big Figure is forced to have Larry killed so he can get into the prison cell]]
Big Figure: We’ere gonna cut through there and then that bastard’s gonna find out what the Score is!
Rorschach: One-nothing. Your move. Come and get me.” – Rorschach showing us why he is the man. Watchmen#8

The police figure out Nite Owls identity, A daring prison break and an emotional death, that and more in Watchmen#8 “Old Ghosts”


The issue starts off with Hollis Mason (the first Nite Owl) calling up Sally Juspeczyk (The first Silk Spectre) to discuss the new NiteOwl – Silk Spectre team which showed up in Watchmen#7 oh so long ago. This scene serves as excellent foreshadowing for the end of the book.

Speaking of foreshadowing, the ending of the series itself is foreshadowed in what seems like a throwaway conversation between 2 characters we haven’t seen before. I will leave it to you to figure out which conversation from this issue i am talking anout.

In other developments, Dan manages to convince Laurie that someone is hunting down costumes heroes and that they need to break Rorschach out of jail. A detective comes to Dan to enquire about Nite Owl, and sees a connection between Dan and Rorschach, but before he can come back to make the arrest, Dan has already left to break Rorschach out.

This leads us to the best scenes in this issue, Rorschach versus a former enemy called “Big Figure”, Big Figure continually threatens Rorschach in jail and even incites a riot so that he can be rid of Rorschach and have the riot as a cover story. But, Rorschach is a complete badass. These next 3 pages should be proof enough




The scenes are followed by a pretty funny exchange between Laurie and Rorschach.

Back at Dans place, Laurie finds Dr.Manhattan waiting for her and she is teleported along with him to Mars.

The news spreads that the Nite Owl has broken out Rorschach, and the issue has a brilliant hook ending when a gang show up at Hollis Masons door and beat him to death for breaking out Rorschach.


This issue was brilliant, the whole jail break scene is the spine of the issue, but we cannot neglect the amazing character building done by Moore.

The ending came out of left field and gives the story a new twist. I liked the fact that the issue plants so many seeds for the coming third act. Most things wont be noticed until after the series is over, but its fun finding easter eggs in the book upon re-reading. Dave Gibbons renders brilliant artwork as usual

Overall: 5/5.

Next: A long conversation between Laurie and Dr.Manhattan. Watchmen#9.


Until Next Time,

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