Posted by: kcgadiyar | March 3, 2009

Need an answer

Quick post regarding a question which has been bothering me.

I had headed out to get a haircut on my birthday, when mom calls and tells me that it is considered bad luck to cut your hair on either your birthday (i.e., friday, saturday etc.) or on your birthdate. When i asked mom “Why?”, the only reply i got was “Some things cannot be questioned.”

I googled for the origin of this superstition, but no luck. If anyone has any explanation for this, please let me know.

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  1. Accoding to my mom, one should not get his/her hair cut on thursdays (You are insulting Guru , and in turn a guru or a teacher will insult you)-origins unknown.
    and never get a hair cut on your b’day, birthdate or the day u you were born (in my case tuesday)-again origins unknown.
    Same with nails…there are days when it is expressly forbidden for little or no reason.

    In my grandpa’s place, if you get a haircut , it has to be in mthe morning, and once finished, you can enter the house only through the back door and then you are supposed to hit the showers immediately.

    Wht I’m saying is I have no idea how these rules can be cooked up.

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