Posted by: kcgadiyar | March 5, 2009


Quick Takes:

  • How hot is it in Hyd nowadays? Seems like a roast is going on
  • In unrelated news, people seem to be staying longer at office
  • You ask and ask, the final answer being a positive is really a high
  • When is the movie “Watchmen” releasing in India? I saw a poster at IMAX, so am assuming it will release sometime. I am planning on watching it in IMAX if possible.
  • If you keep trying to prove Murphy’s Law, will something keep going wrong?

I was in Mangalore for a festival recently. It was a big affair, a lot of my friends had come down on vacation and it was basically a week of enjoyment.
In between all of this fun, i had made an observation (then i promptly forgot it, and recently remembered it again which leads to it being the topic of this blog post). The observation being that when we are with a group of friends, we invariably revert to whatever age we were when the group was formed.

This was discussed in an episode of “How I Met Your Mother” as well, and Marshall had coined the word “ReVertigo” for this condition. Since i am too lazy to look up the correct word Revertigo will have to do for the purposes of this post.

Through the festival, i found that if i was talking to school friends, it was like we never left school, we were instantly 10-12 years old. With PU College friends, we were 17-18 years, and with engineering friends, we are 21. Its not just behaviour, but also the way we speak, the overall style difference that shows up. Why does this happen? I have absolutely no idea, mostly we are trying to relive the moment, or just associate with each other in the same way as when we were good friends and before losing touch again. Whatever the reason may be, watching married guys reverting to a 10 year old is pretty funny.
If you think about it, i am sure you will find this to be true of most gatherings. You will always instantly revert when in different company. I am a pretty good bike rider, but anytime my Dad sits on the pillion, i immediately become this guy riding a bike for the first time and make mistakes which i wouldn’t have if not for my dad sitting on the pillion.This is common with most people you meet, there is a set image in your mind as to the right attitude for the meeting and so on.

I guess as long as groups of people keep meeting Revertigo will keep affecting people.

P.S: A guy turning completely into a blubber faced idiot in front of a girl he likes is not Revertigo (just in case a reader is wondering)

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