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“That Guys” in Hindi films

Bollywood has a lot of “That guys”. You know who they are, they are the person who you see in many movies over and over. Their scenes make you laugh and remember the character after you have exited the theatre. But when you go to tell your friends about the amazing performance, you will end up saying something like “There is a brilliant scene in the movie. The scene features that guy from that other movie, you know who i am talking about right?”

These “That guys” are the unsung heroes of most movies, they aren’t the hero, they aren’t the villain, sometimes they only appear for one scene. These are the guys whose photos don’t even turn up till the 2nd or 3rd page when you do an image search for their name (and sometimes no photos turn up at all) But you recognize them each time they are on screen. In this post i am highlighting a few “That guys” who i notice in movies.

1. Razzak Khan: The most well known “That guy” in Hindi cinema. He has shown up in a lot of movies as the comic relief. His roles rarely extend beyond a few scenes, but he manages to make the audience laugh every time he is on screen. His USP is probably his completely unconventional look which lends itself easily to the comic villain genre. He is the embodiment of the “That Guy” persona as everyone has seen him before but have no idea who he is.
Memorable roles: Haka in “Bhagam Bhaag”, The Urdu speaking assisstant in “Joru Ka Ghulam”, many other roles in David Dhawan comedies.

2. Snehal Dabhi: Couldn’t find any individual photos of the guy, he is the one on the left of the picture. Another person the audience immediately recognizes when he comes on screen. His sense of comic timing is  just brilliant as seen in his one scene act in the movie “Hera Pheri”, he was the person at the  bus stop who calls Asrani a “Dalaal” and when Asrani corrects him he says “Haan, aaj kal toh aap logon ko bhi Manager bulaana padta hai”. Frequently seen in RGV movies.
Memorable roles: The rickshaw driver who is Sridevi’s fan in “Mast”, the above mentioned scene in “Hera Pheri”, “Satya”

3. Murli Sharma: His out of tune singing of the song Jaane tu ya jaane na makes the climax of the movie all that more funny. His stone faced delivery of the final line telling the hero that someone is sure to shoot him if he sings again makes the audience burst out in laughter. Most recently seen as the cop in the movie 13B.
Memorable roles: “Main Hoon Na”, “Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na”, “Golmaal Returns”, “13B”

4. Bomi Dotiwala: No pictures of his were forthcoming on Google search. But you will know who i am talking about, if Bollywood ever needs a parsi actor, this is the guy who will show up on screen when the movie rolls.
Memorable roles: “Munnabhai MBBS” as the carrom playing man

5. Manoj Pahwa: Better known for his role in “Office office”, he brings an energy to every character he portrays on screen. If ever an actor was born to play the role of Santa Claus, i would say deck Manoj Pahwa up and he can easily pass for the jolly red man.
Memorable roles: “Darna Zaroori Hai”, he is the hero of the first story


6. Sanjay Mishra: He became the mascot of Indian cricket for some time in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. He was ESPN Star’s “Apple Singh” character, and was part of a large number of gags around the world cup. The fact that most people still know him as Apple Singh is a testament to his acting abilities.
Memorable roles: “Golmaal”, “Bunty aur Babli”

7. Veerendra Saxena: A “that guy” from the serious side of things. I dont think i have seen any comic scenes starring this actor, but he is a mighty fine actor. He also provided the non-controversial voice over for a “Fair and Lovely” ad after the ad had got into trouble from the initial voice-over.
Memorable roles: “The stoneman murders”, “Bicchoo”

Those were the ones i could think of off the top my head. If you feel i have missed anyone, please use the comments.

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  1. Razzak Khan is my fav ‘That Guy’

    Somehow he reminds me of a Sookha Khajur!
    A Shriveled-Up Date!

  2. U could have also added Vijay Raaz..
    His breakthrough hit came when he played the role role of Dubeyji in the movie Monsoon Wedding. Since then, Raaz has been cast in small, often comedic roles, in many Bollywood movies, often depicting the character of a common man.His first mainstream movie cast as the leading actor was Raghu Romeo, a box office success where Raaz depicts the life of a confused lower-class Indian fellow.

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