Posted by: kcgadiyar | April 13, 2009

A collection of random thoughts

When a blogger is too lazy to think up a new topic to write about, he/she come up with a post tilted “Random thoughts”, along those lines, here is my post.

First off, Don’t worry Kevin, it is not the end of the world. There will be more CATs to write. Cheer up.

1. So me and friends were discussing travel during lunch the other day. We figured out that normally all of us find that our next seat is occupied by, typically, an old man in his 70s who snores at night. This sentiment was echoed by both the guys and girls. This begs a few questions, Do old men travel so much? Why do they always sit next to us? And, why is our next seat never occupied by a pretty girl(for guys)/boy (for girls)?

2. “What about us, Rick?” “We will always have Paris.” Instant classic. Everytime i see this ending, it just keeps getting better.

3. The heat wave is getting ridiculous. There is no need to heat water in Hyderabad anymore, the normal water supply itself is way too hot.

4. To answer a question posed by Vikas on his blog, “How far would you go for love?” A: “A couple of staircases and maybe a cubicle” (what can i say, i am lazy)

5. My brother has started blogging, please visit his blog to read more

6. Parents’ silver wedding anniversary coming up in 3 weeks, preparations moving at a fast clip

7. Just read Flash:Rebirth#1, it has one of the coolest covers ever. Reproduced here for your convenience.


8. Rahul apparently was stuck in a very strange situation in a bar which involved repeated fights for around 30 minutes leaving a guy bloodied because someone had smashed a vase on his head. For further details, call him.

9. Have been writing a post “In defense of: The elder sibling” detailing exactly how being an elder sibling is better, seems the world is biased against us sometimes.

10. “Yatra: The Journey”, a statistically made plot guaranteed to be a big hit. Details soon (when time permits)

11. My laptop was spoilt most of last week, and repairs got stuck in a lot of red tape. Monday to Friday the amount of time i must have spent with IT Support was probably more than the time spent at my cubicle.

12. Saw a “BTTF” marathon again. Michael J Fox was on Jon Stewart this week, and he looks exactly the same as in 1985 in the 3 movies. There is only one explanation, he must actually have a time machine.

13. If a pig loses its voice, is it disgruntled?

Until i find a real topic to write about again,



  1. […] about Jon Stewart as of April 12, 2009 A collection of random thoughts – 04/13/2009 When a blogger is too lazy to think up a new topic to write […]

  2. how far would you go .. let me think may be a block or 2 ..:)

    next time dont get it repaired throw it away to ITS, anyway company is either going to give u work or laptop .

  3. 1)Hot chick next to me while travelling- an unfulfilled fantasy since forever…all I seem to get is snorers and geezers and old maids.
    Well now its confirmed that this is a universal phenomenon which needs further investigation.

    2)Hey KCG…Its true.Elder siblings are often more intelligent(because they mentor the younger ones) and found to be more responsible.(I have the original article somewhere in my HDD)

    The younger ones on the other hand are funnier (being young and not geting noticed forces you to keenly hone your sense of humour) and more loved by parents(the memories they evoke in the parents is far fresher than the older siblings) and more creative(same as sense of humour)

    Statistically made plots…remember Rok Sako Toh Rok Lo ?
    Nuff said bout that!

  4. @Vikas: This plot is not statistically made as much as cooked together in a fit of boredom. But saying statistically made gives it an air of importance 🙂

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