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The IPL awards

So the IPL season 2 has come to an end with Hyderabad winning the trophy despite being what seemed like a million-to-one shot to win. Now amid the screams of “The season was fixed” (something i will discuss in my next post), its time to give out the awards for performances which were not mentioned in the other awards that were handed out during the final presentation ceremony. Lets jump right into it:

The “how the hell did this happen” award:

Honorable mentions: Mashrafe Mortaza not being able to defend 21 runs in the last over, and Mumbai not being able to get 4 runs in the last over.

And the winner is Yuvraj Singh, for taking not one, but two hattricks in the tournament. I am sure even he asked himself “How the hell did this happen” after the second one.

Congratulations Yuvraj. Here is your prize:


The KKR award for excellence in throwing away a match you cant lose:

Honorable mentions: KKR, for their entire body of work in this tournament . In fact, they seemed to be genuinely surpised when they finally beat Chennai, you could almost sense them thinking “We won??? How?”

And the winner is: In an upset, KKR lose this award also, to the Mumbai Indians, who showed us that whatever KKR can do, they can do better. They threw away a match in which they needed 6 off 9 balls with 4 wickets in hand. No other team has come close to this.

Congrats Mumbai, how excited are you guys winning this award?


THIS excited

The best cheerleader award:

Honorable mentions: Vijay Mallya, jumping up and down upon Bangalores victory over Chennai in the semis, an image which will haunt everyone who saw it for the rest of their lives.

And the winner is: Preity Zinta, who seemed to dance more than the cheerleaders for every boundary, six or wicket that her team managed.

Congratulations Preity, to present you with your prize, here is Mr. Lalit Modi:


The best bench warmer award:

Honorable mentions: Glenn McGrath, who seemed pretty angry being on  the bench.

But the winner can only be: Masharfe Mortaza, given a chance after 11 matches on the bench, and in that match proving that he was much better when he was warming the bench.

Congratulations Mashrafe, i hear you are going to be in disguise for the rest of the year to prevent angry Kolkatans from lashing out at you. Is that true?


The Quentin Tarantino award for “Best Thriller”:

Honorable mentions: Mumbai Vs Rajasthan, Bangalore Vs Kolkata

And the winner is: Kings XI Punjab Vs Deccan Chargers, when Rohit Sharma tried his best to repeat the previous nights efforts, but Irfan Pathan was no Mashrafe Mortaza

The Lightning award for killing off a match in a flash

Honorable mentions: Yusuf Pathan for his 62 off 30 against Delhi, Ross Taylor for his 81 off 33 against Kolkata

And the winner can only be: Adam Gilchrist for his 85 off 35 against Delhi which knocked out the heavy favorites for the title.

Congrats Gilly, lets see you celebrate winning this award.


Over the top award

No honorable mentions here, this award was created to honor one single moment of insanity in this IPL. The winner is: Sreesanth, for his 400 m run after getting Dhoni out, in the process making himself look like a complete idiot.

Sreesanth, i can see that you are overwhelmed upon receiving this award.


“Did he say that?” award

Honorable mentions: Every second thing out of Ramiz Raja’s mouth.

The winner: Lalit Modi, who, with Kolkata needing 2 off 1 against the Royals started screaming “Bowl Out”. Be very scared when the main organizer has no idea of the rules in case of a tie.

Lalit, what do you have to say for yourself?


The invisible man award:

Honorable mentions: SRK, who went invisible after the first 6 matches of the Knight Riders campaign

But the winner can only be: Sourav Ganguly, i have my doubts as to whether Ganguly actually played in this tournament, i remember seeing him against Rajasthan Royals, but apart from that match, i dont think he was visible at all. A very deserving winner.

Other less important awards:
Best batting performance in a winning cause: Adam Gilchrist
Best batting in a losing cause: J.P.Duminy, who was one shot away from capping off an amazing innings against Kings XI
Best bowling: Anil Kumble vs Rajasthan



  1. Kick ass post dude! Worth the wait. Now, for the “IPL was bloody scripted” post.

  2. Hahahahaaaa!

    Too good

  3. best cheerleader …hahahahhah.. wo bhi bina paise wali :)))

  4. Good post KC……..Lalit Modi caught red handed pic was too good.

  5. Good read KC… Like your posts dude…

  6. Simple amazing , great post :).Hope to see more of these kind by you in the future.

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