Posted by: kcgadiyar | May 25, 2009

“The IPL is fixed” theory and a Color trend for T20

A very popular conspiracy theory doing the rounds for the past week has been the “This IPL is fixed” “Modi has scripted the matches” and “There is no way Delhi could have lost to Deccan”. So i decided to examine the “proof” given by the people making this allegation to see if there could have been any truth behind them.

To be fair, look at that wicked smile

To be fair to the conspiracy theorists, look at that wicked smile

1. The points table was too close and we did not know who were going through to the semis up until the last match: Basically, this point is saying “The tournament was too interesting, hence it HAD to be fixed”. I don’t understand why each one of us calling ourselves cricket fans start viewing things with a suspicious eye when the table starts getting interesting. Last night in the EPL, 4 teams fought the relegation battle with 2 teams finally being demoted. The relegation spots had swung one way and then another for the past 3 months, until last night in the final round of games Newcastle and Middlesboro got relegated. I dont think their fans said “Oh, this was fixed. Its a conspiracy against our team.” So, Kings XI fans, just grin and bear it, the team will be back next year, no need to cast aspersions on the tournament as a whole for the teams poor performance.

2. Bangalore vs Hyderabad, last years 2 bottom teams facing each other in the finals, doesn’t that stink of fixing: To these people i say, did you even watch the tournament? Both teams felt that they had a point to prove. They raised their game. And their competition fell apart at the crunch moments, Rajasthan had Kolkata by the scruff of the neck when Laxmi Ratan Shukla suddenly came good, and Punjab beat themselves chasing a small total.

3. Deccan beat Delhi, no way, that was surely a fixed match right: Right….!! So somehow Lalit Modi managed to make Adam Gilchrist play that magical knock of 85 off 35. This seems to be the main problem with the “IPL is fixed” bandwagon. They are only looking at the results of the matches rather than looking at HOW those results were achieved. Sometimes, we just have to admit that. Yes, as far fetched as the thought of Yuvraj taking 2 hat tricks may be, it is still possible.

In the end, it all comes down to the fact that people love a good conspiracy theory, and this seems to be the flavor of the moment, so people will chase it for some time all because, to quote one of my friends “Something doesn’t feel right about the results.”

A color theory for T20: Listing the T20 champions from various tournaments held so far we can notice a trend (I made this list from the teams competing in the Champions League T20)

World T20 Champions: India
IPL Champions: Rajasthan, Deccan
Australian Champions: Victoria, New South Wales
South African Champions: Cape Cobras
New Zealand: Otago Volts
England: Middlesex

Notice something common among the teams? No?

Let me help:

India: Kit color, Blue
Rajasthan: Kit color, Blue
Deccan: Kit color, Blue

New South Wales:


Cape Cobras:


Otago Volts:


Middlesex: (from wiki) Kit colours are dark blue and pink quarters

So, basically, looking at the trend till now, it seems that to win a T20 title, your kit color needs to be Blue (or at least one of the colors in your kit). This means that for the upcoming world T20, the favorites to win have to be India, England and Sri Lanka. And next years IPL: Mumbai Indians (or any team which changes their kit to blue)

Even Deccan Chargers only started winning when they changes the color of their kit to blue. Either way, we will get a definitive answer to whether this is a factor or not once the T20 world cup gets over. But, if the trend is proven, then next year in the IPL we may see all 8 teams sporting a different shade of Blue. That would surely be a sight to see.



  1. boo hoo hoo
    RCB’s not in blue 😥

    Great idea – lets have a blue streak! 😀

  2. Lalit Modi’s Wicked Smile…Awesome man… did u manage to capture it…lols….

    • Getty Images did that job for us 🙂

  3. Blue!!!

    Hmm…researchers found that in boxing,karate sparring, MMA fights wearing red trunks promoted aggressiveness and sportspersons wearing red usually had a higher win percentage…

    Maybe in cricket(as in other team sports), one needs to downplay the aggressive-testosterone-bull-rush and play more cool…and of course , blue is one cool colour (literally!)

  4. Sad that this did not comre true !

    Of course the study places emphasis on “equally matched opponents”, a parameter impossible to achieve in reality.

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