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The great 360 search

This is a thematic sequel to “The great marsh saga“. Again, all characters apart from me and chinmay have been masked to protect their identity.

The characters:
Mr.G (The hero of this story)
Ms.DS (where DS stands for “Deep s***, the subject of the story)
Me and Chinmay (The unlucky people who got stuck in the middle)
Juniors (the foot labor)
Kevin (he has nothing to do with this story, but it wouldn’t be a story of our group without a joke at Kevins expense)
The entireity of Mangalore’s konkani speaking population (making guest appearances)

The setup:
It was the Mangalore Car Festival, circa 2005 (or 2006, not fully sure, anyway that is besides the point). Mr.G had decided to come visit Mangalore for the festival and since it would have been too late to go back to his city, he was staying with me. Me and chinmay had agreed to be his guides in order to guide him through the sea of humanity which descends upon a single street in Mangalore every year at this time. (Roughly 10-20000 people come on the final day and are crowded into a single 500m stretch of road).

Kevin was asked to come, but he was scared that the girls in attendance wont be able to restrain themselves upon seeing his John Abraham hair style (obligatory Kevin joke done)
Mr.G found out through reliable sources that his former classmate and one-time flame Ms.DS was also going to be in that sea of humanity on that day (although he claims that this had nothing to do with his decision to come for the festival and he was just there because of his religious leanings). So the stage was set, Mr.G meets up with Ms.DS after a long time and the two hit it off etc.etc., or at least that was what was supposed to happen.

The actual occurence:
So, the big day arrives, all 3 of us decked up in our finest festival wear. Along the way, we met a lot of our old friends, mingled with the crowds generally, and had dinner. Once dinner was done, Mr.G decides to meet up with Ms.DS. Now here is the catch, he hasn’t seen Ms.DS in quite some time, he has no idea where she is in the whole melee out there, and he has a search party of 3 people. So, he relays instructions to me and Chinmay (and later to some juniors) which would help us find her. Chinmay remembers the description well, but it has gradually faded from my memory, i am sure any mistakes i make in the description will be fixed by Chin in the comments.
Onto the description, “She is medium height, Long hair, Angular face, likes red, so she must be dressed in red.” Go find her.

The search:
Now me and chin are not idiots, so we did not randomly go up to girls wearing red and ask them if they were Ms.DS. But, we were both confused as to what an angular face means exactly, aren’t all faces angular. After about 30 minutes of chasing a shadow, we catch up with G again who didn’t have any luck with the search either. Luckily for our spread too thin group, some juniors from college showed up like a godsend, and unlike me and chin, they actaully knew what Ms.DS looked like (since even they werent from Mangalore, but had showed up for the festival anyway). A little while later, one of them calls G and tells him the equivalent of “Bogey acquired, position latitude X, Longitude Y”.
Relieved, we make our way to the specified place, to find a girl as tall as us (medium height), hair upto her shoulders (long hair) (will skip angular face) and wearing BLUE (likes red).

So,Mr.G decides to go make his acquaintance, but drags me and chin along for support. I strongly wish i could tell you his opening line, i really really do, this introductory line blows even stuff like “I think you are very beautiful” or “I am the person you have been waiting for” out of the water. But, if i tell you the opening line, it will give away the persons identity. Lets instead pictorially depict the first words that Mr.G told Ms.DS upon meeting her for the first time in years.

Crash and Burn

Crash and Burn

The aftermath:
Walking away dejected after the whole thing, we went and had Ice Cream, roamed the festival a bit more and then went back home. Apparently, Mr.G got some closure a few days later, and now 4 years later, we can still look back at this and laugh our ass off.

Moral of the story: Damned if i know



  1. Only one joke on Marshy ain’t enough. šŸ™‚ I agree with your moral of the story. What is it all about??

  2. Does the title in any way hing at Mr.G’s identity?
    I’m just taking a wild guess here…

    I wish the Hindenburg Explosion pic was bigger so that we could appreciate the enoprmity of the crash and burn !

  3. @Kripal: The story concerns a person u and i know very well. I cant say more šŸ™‚

    @Vikas: The title used to, but i have now changed it to mean the same thing as the old title, in a different dialect.

  4. Exact description part, just in case if you guys are interested, is as follows:
    1) Medium height.
    2) Angular face(This helps…coz this reduces search by 20%..many Konkani’s are round faced)
    3)Long hairs(till the waist)
    4)Long pointed nose(I remember this coz I was in a confusion if our subject is a human or pinocchio)
    5) Ahhh…the most important..”fair”…
    6) And not to forget… she loves RED and will be in red dress..

    And there was a point where in we and DS had actually crossed each other.

    And how can you forget the snuff shop dude…thats where they met… How romantic can the location be!!!! šŸ™‚

    Haatho me haath..
    Tum mere saath..
    Chandni raath..
    Aur paas me saadi saath..


    @Kevin’s punch: Still cant forget him posing next to the GARAM MASALA posters.. šŸ™‚

  5. @KCG: I got all the references and people. I am more interested in the motivation for this post and its objective

    • No motivation, this post has been sitting on my hard drive for quite some time. Had run out of things to write, so dug through the stuff on my comp and came up with this.

      No objective either, it can be called a continuing series, of friends and their escapades šŸ™‚

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