Posted by: kcgadiyar | June 9, 2009

May I direct your attention to: – 01

One of my favorite pastimes while browsing the internet is using stumbler. It directs me to so many arbit websites, and i in turn send my friends those arbit links.
Since it takes no time to just copy a link and send it along, i decided to make a weekly post out of it, this way i can always have some activity happening on my blog front even when i have nothing to write about. I present to you:


Most recent movie seen:
“Nadiya Ke Paar”, Zee Cinema was showing this yesterday. For those who don’t know, “Hum Aapke Hain Koun” was a remake of this movie. Liked the movie, but the HAHK ending was done better i felt. Would still recommend this for everyone who thought HAHK was too flashy and long a movie. An hours worth of plot development in HAHK is handled within 15 minutes in this movie, and there are only 6 songs in this movie, as opposed to the hundred or so in HAHK.


Trailer of the week: Kaminey, theatrical trailer. A movie from Vishal Bharadwaj which is not a Shakespearean adaptation. The trailer looks funny enough, will definitely try to catch this in the theatre. page of the week: The iPhone.

Excerpt from the page “The first iPhone was more eagerly anticipated than Jesus Christ returning with an eighth Harry Potter novel.  Apple obsessives camped out for days to buy a product that would be readily available in every store, and every single person on Earth made fun of them.  Including Apple, who slashed the price within weeks and made the whole product obsolete within a year.

Comic book of the week:
Batman and Robin#1, there is a new Batman and Robin team, and Grant Morrison & Frank Quitely are teaming up again to write the continuing adventures. Recommended read, as there is no need of prior knowledge of anything in comics to pick this up, it is a brand new and fresh start


WTF? page of the week: Slightly NSFW, and very very screwed up, you will feel the guys pain, trust me, ok you have been warned: Click here

Classic hindi song of the week: Heard this song in a “Times Now” retrospective, the “Total Recall” series by Times Now is a really brilliant series, they should release the whole series on DVD.

Webcomic i would like to direct your attention to: Amazing Superpowers, really funny webcomic. There is mouseover text on the website which makes the joke even funnier


Motivational poster of the week:


And one to go on: Sci-fi methods of Time Travel

Random Quote of the Week:To Alcohol, the cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems” – Homer Simpson

Until Next Time,




  1. “To Alcohol, the cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems” – Homer Simpson”

    How true in the case of the Australian cricket team!

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