Posted by: kcgadiyar | June 20, 2009

May I direct your attention to: – 02

One of my favorite pastimes while browsing the internet is using stumbler. It directs me to so many arbit websites, and i in turn send my friends those arbit links.
Since it takes no time to just copy a link and send it along, i decided to make a weekly post out of it, this way i can always have some activity happening on my blog front even when i have nothing to write about. I present to you:


Shout out of the week: Goes to Moser Baer for releasing classic movie DVD’s for dirt cheap. Good quality, good packaging and a down to earth cost. This is the easy way to put movie pirates out of business.

Most recent movie seen: “Pyar Kiya Jaa”, bought this as part of a 3 DVD pack along with “Chalti ka naam gadi” and “Half ticket”. This was a laugh riot, especially the scene between Mahmood and Om Prakash. I doubled over with laughter on most scenes. Well worth a watch.

PyarKiyeJaa page of the week: Nikola Tesla. An excerpt “His legacy has experienced a popular resurgence in recent years, mostly by people who know him as ‘the guy who enabled Hugh Jackman to be killed hundreds of times in a single movie.‘”

Trailer of the week: Love Aaj Kal. I like the background music, and Saif Ali Khan seems to be back to his “Hum Tum” style of acting.

WTF Page of the week: This one. Fair warning, only read the contents of the page on an empty stomach, there is a good chance of regurgitation due to the contents. And this one is SFW, so no worries.

Currently reading: The Darwin Awards: Book 3 – Survival of the fittest. Laugh out loud funny. The quotes on each page are even more brilliant.

Classic song of the week: I also bought the Gurudutt retrospective 6 DVD set. This is one of my favorite songs by S.D.Burman. Enjoy.

Can you spot the inspiration for a song in a 2001 movie in the video above? Its kind of apparent.

Best comic read this week: Just finished “Daredevil:Born again” written by Frank Miller before he became a parody of himself. Classic noir tale, brilliant start, brilliant finish, and the most iconic daredevil pose ever.


Funny inspirational poster for the week: Teamwork


And with that, i am outta here.

Quote of the week: (plagiarized from Mairal’s status message) “Shor-o-gul ke aalam main jab tanhayee ka nasha chhaye, toh samajh lijiye ke aapko pyaar ho gaya” – Sri sri Himesh Reshammiya.


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