Posted by: kcgadiyar | July 6, 2009

The Incredible Hulk movie – Buildup to a perfect scene

Just watched the DVD of “Incredible Hulk” starring Edward Norton as Bruce Banner/the Hulk, and i have to say, i am impressed. As a comics fan, this was easily as true as possible to the comics while being accessible to everyone. And best of all, this completely ignored the Ang Lee “Hulk”

But, the main thing that this movie did right, was build up to the perfect scene. Here is how it did it, along with the scene.

Now, the non comic reading public probably only knows Hulk through his catchphrase i.e. “Hulk Smash”, here are a few examples

Hulk Smash1Hulk Smash2hulk-smash
Now, in the first Hulk movie, the Hulk did not talk till the end, and even when he talked, he said “Puny Human”. So, the fans were left feeling cheated out of a Hulk moment (to be fair, there was not a single classic hulk moment in “Hulk”, i wonder why Ang Lee felt that Hulk needs to be a emotional drama rather than the wham-bam-smash movie).

So, in this movie it was quicly established that Hulk can talk. He says “Leave me alone” pretty early on in the movie. They also establish that the Hulk really cares for Betty Ross, and would do anything to save her. So throughout the movie, the audience is slowly shown the extent of Hulk’s abilities. By the time we get to the final fight between the Hulk and the Abomination (a hulk like being), the ground rules for the Hulk’s strength are established.

So, basically, the 2 behemoths beat on each other for around 15 minutes. The chopper containing the heroine lands near the fight scene, and the villain seeing this, tries to kill the heroine. Now, the Hulk has to fight the villain while making sure the heroine is safe. Finally, the villain has the Hulk down, he picks up a gigantic chain, and starts spinning it around getting ready to strike the killing blow. Just before the final blow, the abomination asks “Any Last Words?”

At this point, the Hulk who is beaten and fallen, sees Betty in trouble, gets a second wind, and in response to the “Any last words?” query, says this:

This was a perfect execution of a moment we all know is coming, but when it comes, it has been done so well that we can’t help but applaud. This one scene alone makes this movie infinitely more enjoyable than “Hulk”.

All in all, I would recommend this movie, there is a good character exploration without skimping on the action.



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