Posted by: kcgadiyar | July 19, 2009

May I direct your attention to: – 03

One of my favorite pastimes while browsing the internet is using stumbler. It directs me to so many arbit websites, and i in turn send my friends those arbit links.
Since it takes no time to just copy a link and send it along, i decided to make a weekly post out of it, this way i can always have some activity happening on my blog front even when i have nothing to write about. I present to you:


Best Movie seen last week: Guide.


I watched the DVD of this with my Dad and Granddad and despite not having seen the movie after its release in 1965, my granddad could still recall every single scene of the movie. Made me realize why they call such movies evergreen. Brilliant picturisation, a story ahead of its time and great music, all combine to make a great movie.

Just finished reading: The Dirk Gently series by Douglas Adams. The first 3/4th of both books are all over the place. The beauty of the books lies in how Adams shows us the interconnection of the plots in the final 1/4th of the book. I would recommend grabbing these books if possible. I had bought them at Depot in Bangalore.

Presently Listening to: “Dhan Te Nan” from Kaminey and “Luck Aazma” from Luck (The Sukhwinder Singh version)

Trailer of the week: Agyaat

Looks like RGV has returned to Low budget horror after the horrid Aag.

Best comic of the week: Blackest Night#1. DC’s event of the year got off to a pretty gory start, but a comic book about the dead rising would need to.

bn page of the week:
Dumbledore. An excerpt: ”

  1. Dumbledore is a wizard from the Harry Potter books.
  2. We know he’s a wizard because he wears a pointy hat and pajamas, has a fire hazard hanging from his face and he even started casting actual spells in the fourth or fifth book.
  3. Has single-handedly endangered more children than a MySpace made of unmarked vans.”

Romantic comedy of the week: “He’s just not that into you”. Saw this movie over the weekend, its a retread of many different rom-coms, but still different enough to warrant a viewing.


Motivational Poster of the Week:


As a funny aside, when this pic was being uploaded, the status meter went from 0% Awesome to 100% Awesome.

And with that i am outta here.

Until Next Time,


Funny quote of the week: “ā€œ-You can’t just turn on creativity like a faucet. You have to be in the right mood.
-What mood is that?
-Last-minute panic.ā€ – An exchange from Calvin and Hobbes


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