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Review: Luck


Keep staring at this poster for 2 and a half hours, and you will have a good idea what the movie is like.

The trailers for this movie reminded me a lot of the previous “Imran Khan- Sanjay Dutt – Random girl in a bikini” movie Kidnap, but the concept sounded novel enough. The bad reviews for this should have been a red flag, but i was too curious and decided to buy a ticket for the movie. The fact that i got a ticket at the box office rather than having to resort to advance online bookings should have been another red flag, but i soldiered on. At the end of slightly under 2 and a half hours, i have to say, as far as bad movies go, you could definitely do worse (the aforementioned “Kidnap” being an example for worse)

The movie has a “plot” only as an excuse to insert really well choreographed stunts at different points of the movie. If you are an action movie junkie, i would definitely recommend this as passable action fare. In fact, if you remove the unnecessary love track, it actually becomes one of the better action movies from Bollywood, with stunts easily on par with any Hollywood movie.

How does “Luck” fare as a movie? Well, not all that well, there are loopholes aplenty, continuity errors in the same scene (when Sanjay Dutt tells the hero he has roughly seven minutes to save the heroine, and then after a monologue, looks at his watch again and says “You only have ten minutes”, was the director sleeping?), and mannequin like performances from some of the cast.

The “plot” of the movie revolves around a human betting operation, in which contestants who have shown extraordinarily good luck in their lives, but are in need of money are asked to compete in “Fear Factor” like contests (in fact, one of the contests is literally ripped off from Fear Factor) only much deadlier contests. The contestants include Ram(Imran Khan) who needs money to pay off his debtors, A retired army major (Mithun Chakraborty, in a scene stealing performance), A criminal who was supposed to be hanged, but the rope got cut and he was let go due to some loophole in the law(Ravi Kishan, in a scenery chewing performance), a pakistani (Chitrashri Rawat, or as we better know her, Komal Chautala from “Chak De India), and a random female (Shruti Hassan). These people are recruited by Danny Denzongpa, and the operation is run by Karim Moussa (Sanjay Dutt).

That is the whole plot there, the rest of the movie uses this plot as an excuse for stunt after stunt.

On the acting front, Imran Khan is good, Mithun Chakraborty gets the best lines, Danny gives probably the best performance in this movie, Chitrashri Rawat and Ravi Kishan are tolerable. But Shruti Hassan is wooden, there are no emotions in her dialogue delivery, the romance with Imran Khan is not developed well, and i actually found myself hoping that she dies which is a bad thing when she is supposed to be the heroine.

I didn’t forget Sanjay Dutt, his performance in this movie can be summed up as follows:

In one word: Walking

In 4 words: Walking in slow motion

In 7 words: Walking in slow motion while wearing sunglasses.

That is all that Sanjay Dutt does in this movie, he walks towards the audience in slow motion, he walks away from the audience in slow motion, he takes off his glasses in slow motion, he puts on his glasses in slow motion. After a while i thought that they actually had Sanjay Dutt walk in slo-mo in order to save on editing time.

Overall, the movie doesn’t work (unless you dont care about story etc. and just want stunts). The main reason for the movie not working is that at no point of time do you fear for the main protagonists. This movie follows the Sorting Algorithm for Mortality to T. All the no names are killed first, and the rest have Contractual Immortality. Hell, in the first slo-mo cool walk crowd scene of the contestants, we can already tell who will live and who will die. And this robs the stunt scenes of the tension which could have been created if, say Mithun or Some other main lead had been bumped off.

Finally, i would say that i actually liked the twist in the end regarding the hero’s congenital birth condition, and it makes sense even within the universe of the movie (not to mention that i actually have a relative who has the same condition). This was an actually clever twist, making it one of the few actually clever things in this movie.

Final Rating: 2/5, good stunts, not much else. Until Love Aaj Kal next week, cya.



  1. You definitely saved my time & money!!!
    Keep watching the latest flicks and keep writing in…..

  2. @Nikhil: You are welcome. I must be among the very few whose Project Manager commented on their post. 🙂

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