Posted by: kcgadiyar | July 30, 2009

Battle of the chartbusters: “Twist” vs. “Dhan Te Nan”

The hot topic of discussion among movie fans nowadays seems to be regarding which song is better: “Twist” from “Love Aaj Kal” or “Dhan Te Nan” from “Kaminey”. So, i decided to add my two cents to the mix and tell you which song is better after a thorough analysis.

First off, lets meet the contenders:


Dhan Te Nan:

Lets start the contest:

1. Opening Salvos: “Twist” starts off strong with the Nagin theme playing, and right off the bat you are listening to something you didn’t expect. “Dhan Te Nan” has a starting tune which is now very recognizable and is, by my best estimates the ringtone for at least 5 people in my office (me included). But, as a pure opening tune, Twist wins, as it gives a modern twist (excuse the pun) to a classic tune.

Twist 1 – 0 Dhan Te Nan

2. Vocals: The vocalists of both songs seem to be having fun while singing. Just listening to the singers having fun makes it fun for the listener as well. Both songs are infectious. I am calling this a draw.

Twist 2- 1 Dhan Te Nan

3. Lyrics: Both lyrics make an equal amount of sense to me.

Twist 3- 2 Dhan Te Nan

4. Videos: Twist is opulent and Dhan Te Nan is a lot more in-your-face with its video. But, Twist is more easy on the eyes, so it edges Dhan Te Nan.

Twist 4-2 Dhan Te Nan

5. Choreography: Twist is very well choreographed while it seems that Vishal Bharadwaj just let the actors go out and have fun. The energy radiates through the screen while watching Dhan Te Nan, but actors are full of energy and it just rubs off. This is a clear winner.

Twist 4-3 Dhan Te Nan

6. Repeat listenings: I can listen to Twist maybe a maximum of 3 times, but i have spent a full morning listening to “Dhan Te Nan” on repeat, i actually lost count of how many times it repeated. So this is another clear winner

Twist 4-4 Dhan Te Nan

And finally, the last category:

7. X-Factor: What makes a song stand out? Twist is good,  it uses the Naagin theme to good effect, and it makes you connect to it instantly.

But…. “Dhan Te Nan” has a major x-factor working for it. Vishal Dadlani. The guy clearly had a blast letting himself go in this song, Sukhwinder Singh who is normally so full of energy in his songs sounds almost subdued next to Vishal Dadlani’s overly enthusisatic rendition. If it was any other singer i do not think that the song would have reached the same levels of brilliance. Vishal takes this song, makes it his own and makes it a must listen just to hear the pure enthusiasm coming through.

So, just for that, this category goes to “Dhan Te Nan” making our final score

Twist 4 – 5 Dhan Te Nan.

And our Winner for best song this year so far:


So, taking it by a nose at the end in a very close contest. Make no mistake though, both songs are just brilliant. Buy the ACD’s, the rest of the songs aren’t bad either.

Until Next Time,



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