Posted by: kcgadiyar | August 2, 2009

May I direct your attention to: – 04

One of my favorite pastimes while browsing the internet is using stumbler. It directs me to so many arbit websites, and i in turn send my friends those arbit links.

Since it takes no time to just copy a link and send it along, i decided to make a weekly post out of it, this way i can always have some activity happening on my blog front even when i have nothing to write about. I present to you:


Best Movie seen last week: Monty Python and the Holy Grail


One of the good things about growing up, per se, is the fact that you begin to appreciate the humour in films you might have dismissed off hand previously. I had originally watched this movie when in Engineering, and it had not made a lot of sense. Now, roughly six years and god knows how many Monty Python sketches later, this movie is my second favorite Monty Python movie (Behind “Life of Brian”).

I have to say though, that this week was pretty keenly contested, the other contenders were “The Shawshank Redemption” “The Marx Brothers’ Duck Soup” and “This is Spinal Tap”. All really good movies, but Holy Grail gets it just for the “Air speed velocity of an unladen swallow” joke.

P.S: A request, i am currently searching for the movie “The Princess Bride” (especially after watching Rob Reiner’s This is Spinal Tap), if anyone has the DVD please let me know, Thanks.

The best site by google that you are not using: Google Reader. This is a site where you can share your favorite links. Initially even i was skeptical about the site, but now i find that it is the first site i visit everyday in order to find out what my friends have shared.

You can follow my shared items on Google Reader: Here

Trailer of the week: “Life Partner”. Govinda is back to a proper comedic role after (strangely enough) “Partner”

Currently Reading: “The essential Calvin and Hobbes” “The Authoritative Calvin and Hobbes” and “The indispensable Calvin and Hobbes”. My CnH collection is now half complete. Next on the buy list for the collection “Calvin and Hobbes: The Sunday Pages”

A good website for timepass: Don’t even reply. The guy sends e-mails to people who post classified ads in order to mess with them.

Retro song of the week: Calling a song from a 1995 movie a classic didnt seem right, so here is the retro song of the week. “Ho gaya hai tujhko toh pyaar sajna” from DDLJ

Motivational Poster of the week: Envy

And one to go on: Funny Mosquito repellent ads.

Until Next Time,


Quote of the week: “I have a good mind to join a club and beat you over the head with it” – Groucho Marx in “Duck Soup”



  1. Well, I haven’t seen or heard about the Princess Bride, except that it’s 20th anniversary cover has got a nice little Ambigram in there.

    • Check your DVD collection (the ones u have written, not the original DVDs) , i remember seeing it there, either that or you had “The Princess Diaries”. Also, like you said, nice ambigram on the cover.

  2. […] May I direct your attention to: – 04 « Irreverently timed […]

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