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Review: Kaminey

kamineyHyderabad has an active swine flu warning in place, so i had second thoughts about going to watch Kaminey in the theatre. (By the looks of the crowd, there were quite a few others who also had this fear. Close to 20% of the audience while streaming in and streaming out of the show had either masks or towels covering their faces.) But Kaminey has been highly anticipated by me since the first trailers said “Coming thif fummer”, of course the multiplex strike made it “Thif monfoon”, but now it has finally hit the marquee. So, how does it stack up?

Really well, i would say, once you get past the first half hour.

The story of Kaminey is narrated by Charlie (Shahid Kapoor with a Lisp), who has a twin brother Guddu (Shahid Kapoor with a stammer). Charlie is a member of a group called The Bengalis which fixes horse races. His lifelong dream is to have his own booking counter at races. When race-fixing by a rival gang makes him and the bengalis lose money, they go to take revenge on the person responsible (The person is name Francis just so we can have have Shahid call him Franfif while mouthing dialogues like “Aise aise kaise kaise or “Aife aife kaife kaife”). By coincidence, the hotel where they find Francis also happens to be the location of a drug heist and through strange circumstances Charlie winds up with 10 Crores worth of cocaine.

At the same time Guddu finds out that he has gotten his grilfriend pregnant and she is the sister of a don called Bhope Bhau who wants to make it big in politics. Naturally, the don sends his henchmen behind Guddu who is picked up by the police for questioning regarding the drug deal, while at the same time Bhope bhau reaches Charlie’s home.

Whew, and that is just the first half. Both the stories are told in parallel, and since the whole film takes place in a timespan of 24 hours (give or take) there is a sense of urgency in the proceedings throughout.

As you can make out by the plot synopsis, the movie has layers of plot, but it takes some time for the viewer to put it all together. At the interval point, you can see the disparate threads coming together, but the picture is still unclear. Once the second half begins, we finally get rid of the parallel storytelling and come onto a single thread. (Side note: There was a couple sitting next to me in the theatre. Throughout the first half, the girl was asking the guy “Yeh kaise hua?” “Yeh kaun hai” etc. In fact, she didnt understand the story at all, and the couple were nowhere to be seen post interval.)

The movie is very well made, the smallest details are taken care of. The movie itself seems like an homage to many different movies. I could actively see influences of “Goodfellas” “Pulp Fiction (especially in the background score)” “Enemy of the state (in the climax when everyone converges on a single location)” and “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid”. If you have to homage movies, you could certainly do worse than these movies as your picks.

The music and direction by Vishal Bharadwaj is good. No song feels forced in the narrative, the narrative itself has a flow to it. The dialogues are very witty, especially the “Tera baccha ho raha hai to tu meri coke ujaadega kya” (It makes sense in context). The only problem as i have mentioned is that it takes about 30 minutes or so for the audience to adjust to the goings on on the screen and to grasp the dialogues. And of course there is the main reason to buy the soundtrack “Dhan Te Nan” which comes in just before the interval.

The acting is really good, everyone, no matter how small the role, has put in a brilliant performance. I especially liked the small kid who blackmails Bhope Bhau, his expression when Bhope realizes that the kid has ratted him out is classic.

But the show belongs to Shahid Kapoor who pulls off the double role very convincingly. His Guddu is okay, but he shines as Charlie. Maybe the freedom of playing a character with shades of grey caused this performance. It is easily his best performance to date.

All in all, it is quite a good movie and a good watching experience.

Rating: 4 out of 5. Go for it.

P.S: Trailers shown before Kaminey Rated:

Ishqiya: Naseeruddin Shah and Arshad Warsi seem to have a Bromance going on in this. The best dailogue of the trailer “Tera Ishq ishq hai, aur mera ishq sex?” Definitely going to watch this movie.

Main Aur Mrs.Khanna: I will admit, did not expect the trailer to be so decent. Not many expectations from this film, but the trailer has not turned me off, in fact, i may actually think of going to this movie if the subsequent trailers and the music is good.

Wake Up Sid: Looks like it suffers from a Lakshya hangover. On the fence on this one, if the reviews are good, i may go.



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  2. Kamine af it feems like if a worth watching experience. Fantaftic ftory line, fantaftic Mufic and Fantaftic direction all in all a very well made film except for the chaotic end leaving you curiouf that what the hell juft happened.

    Anyway good review…

    BY THE way i found Fhahid Kapoor af good af Faif in Omkara. Fantaftic performance in both the rolef.

    • Aap toh lagta hai poora inspire ho gaye picture se. Kal kaam karte waqt bas fa ko fa mat boliye 🙂

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