Posted by: kcgadiyar | September 5, 2009

May I direct your attention to: – 05

One of my favorite pastimes while browsing the internet is using stumbler. It directs me to so many arbit websites, and i in turn send my friends those arbit links.

Since it takes no time to just copy a link and send it along, i decided to make a weekly post out of it, this way i can always have some activity happening on my blog front even when i have nothing to write about. I present to you:


Best movie seen last week: Again, pretty strong selections this week. I watched “It happened one night” (which is probably the template for all future rom-coms), “The Wrestler “Enter the dragon” and the movie which almost had this honor wrapped up i.e. “Blade Runner”. Then, SET Max last night telecasted this movie which won this based on just one person. The movie of this week is “Damini”

damini-wallpaperI wonder how the rest of the actors feel that 17 years later, this is essentially considered a Sunny Deol movie. I mean, until you saw the poster above, did you know that Rishi Kapoor was the hero?

Trailer of the week: “Ishqiya”. The trailer looks good and makes me want to see the movie, Mission Accomplished trailer. page of the week: Arnold Schwarzenegger. An Excerpt: “Arnold was, literally and figuratively, the biggest celebrity in the world for a 15 year stretch beginning in 1982. His movies have collectively made over $4 billion worldwide, which means Arnold has earned $9,102,826.06 for every word of spoken dialogue he has delivered on film.

Song of the week: “Ee sanje yaakagide” from “Geleya”. I dont include Kannada songs normally, but the video for this song is one of the best i have ever seen and Sonu Nigam’s vocals enhance the song. Water being splashed never looked so good. Probably the best shot kannada movie song ever. Enjoy.

WTF? moment of the week: “But… he’s gay” watch this news anchor make a freudian slip on-air. How can a 14 second clip be this funny?

Motivational Poster of the week: A lot of my friends have been taking this quiz on facebook called “What is unique about you?” and getting the result “You are unique because you are unique” along with a motivational poster. Somewhere, the person who designed the quiz is laughing, because this is the poster which comes along with the result.


And with that i am outta here.

Until Next Time,


Random Quote: “No matter how good you are at something, there’s always about a million people better than you.” – Homer Simpson

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