Posted by: kcgadiyar | November 11, 2009

Klueless 5: the slow journey to the Hall of Fame

As is my yearly tradition, this year too i played Klueless or K5 as they are calling it this year. Last years experience can be read here.

This was the first year playing Klueless in which i realised i wasn’t in college anymore. The last 4 editions (okay 3 editions since i was on the K3 team, i didn’t play it) were basically start to finish exercises for me. I started with level 1 and only let go after fully solving the puzzle. But this year, work and tight deadlines took away my time and playing Klueless was relegated to “after office hours” only. The number of levels being increased to 38 was also not helping. Also, my partner in solving from last year, Rahul,is no longer my colleague, so that led to Klueless being a solo effort for the most part until Chinmay jumped in from Level 19 onwards.

Despite all this, Kluless 5 was cracked, and here is the journey of being Klueless:

Level 1: Simple, clicked and got through.

Level 2: Again a simple connect the dots type level.

Level 3: Took me some time to put 2 and 2 together here. But once i realized what i had to substitute to get the servant’s name, the master followed close behind.

Level 4: First place i got stuck, this level was solved when Prasad happened to be walking by my cubicle and he said the letters he saw out loud. This forced me to take a different perspective on the problem, and pretty soon the answer was apparent.

Level 5: This was the first level where i actually noticed that rediff had a search bar right below the page. I kept using google search throughout though. The level was simple, we didnt need to actually visit any of the sites.

Level 6: Didn’t think it would be so easy a level strangely. First google search result gave the answer. And stangely, this level was not used further either.

Level 7: Got this one very quickly, every clue required to solve it was right in the picture itself.

Level 8: Spent barely a minute on this level, i saw the football, and typed in the only footballing name which is asked in such quests. It was the right one.

Level 9: Finally, innovation in Klueless levels. Loved this level, straight forward answer but requiring us to think “outside the box” literally.

Level 10: One major peeve i had with Klueless this year was the over-reliance on poems. We get it, you guys can make words rhyme, please use it sparingly and not in almost every single level.That being said, a simple search on google gave the answer again as well as how to enter the answer.

Level 10B: Was stuck here for quite some time since i did not associate it with Level 10 A. Once i did, got through with a simpl answer.

Level 11: Nice and easy level to start Day 2. The kid in the pic was a giveaway.

Level 12: One of my favorite levels. Loved how it played on words.

Level 13: Decent level i guess, but just going by the clues, it is very tough to solve this level. There should have been better clues for people who do not know what the map function does.

Level 14: This was also a good level. These kind of levels make me a believer again, good work.

Level 15:Day 1 of Klueless ended here.

Day 2 of gameplay started with an epiphany into cracking the level. Since we were sure that it had nothing to do with “Star Wars” the “Feel the force” took on a different meaning and solving the level was as easy as through the looking glass.

Level 16: This was a good level, but why are we seeing very similar levels every year. We had the “Tintin” level in K4 which was along similar lines. This time it is a different comic series, but the same idea nonetheless.

Level 17: Got the answer very fast, but the answer box wasn’t accepting it. The source of “K” as “K” along similar lines of Shahid Kapur’s “Fa” ko “Fa” made me realise the actual answer.

Level 18: Probably the quickest solved level. The background design of the picture in the level made me think of the answer right away. I guess i play it too much.

Level 19: As a trivia freak, i have to say. This level taught me something new. This was also the level were Chinmay and i decided to join forces to crack the level. After the whole day (Monday, we were both working) at around 9 in the night, Chinmay realised what is being talked about. I put in the directions to come up with the code to google, and the first result was the answer.

Level 20: Saturday ended on this level and we didnt pick up gameplay till Monday afternoon again due to lack of an internet connection and time to play. On Monday afternoon, after playing Bingo, Chinmay realised the importance of the numbers, putting the numbers into google gave us the required answer.

Level 21: We had got the one word which prompted the game to ask us for more, we tried and couldnt find it. After struggling for a long time on this level, i took a break. When i came back to my desk my eyes immediately went to the words “The sea god poisoned”,  immediately i knew what we had to do. I told Chinmay and we were on our way to the next level.

Level 22: This level had me researching “The doors” for a good half hour (which is obviously what the makers intended). But Chinmay wasn’t led astray and we cracked it shortly after using probably less than 35$ of effort 🙂

Level 23: After reading the source code, i knew exactly where the answer would pop-up. I just didnt know the combination to get us there. But Chinmay found the combination through sheer doggedness.

Level 24: Got the directions easy enough. Just didnt know where to plug in the directions. We realised the significance of the snake about about 2 hours later. Once we did though, it was pretty easy.

Level 25: This was completely Chinmay’s level. I had too much work and hence could not help at all on this level. Chinmay sat down, wrote the codes, found the equivalents and then converted it back. How he managed to do all that is still beyond me. Hats off to him.

Level 26: I solved this level through a fill-in-the-blank method. Working backwards from the answer gave us the actual logic, but the logic i had used was a pretty funny one. It got us the answer nonetheless. The P.O.Box was the safety pin in this case.

Level 27: Took me all of a second to figure out what was being shown here. Didn’t need the source code at all, entered the first thing which came to my mind, the game prompted me for another answer. I entered the second thing which came to mind, it asked me again. The third try was the final answer.

Level 28: The source code told me what i had to do. The answer box told me the order, and we finished this level quickly as well.

Level 29: Took a simple google search of the things we saw in the pic and we were on our way.

Level 30: Solved “Ice queen” and “Ancient city” using “Refer the “Late dr.affard et al””. But could not figure out what to do after that. A very fruitful Monday ended on Level 30.

On Tuesday morning, i posed this level along with the answers i had so far to Amit who said the one letter which was left out in Greek. It clicked and the day was off to a great start.

Tuesday, however, was a very very hectic day in office and i could only get back to Klueless at around 8. Chin was still stuck at 31.

Level 31: We finally solved this using the Russell Peters connection. We didnt even try to see how the actual logic went for the level.

Level 32: Was a simple level, too simple infact.L

Level 33: So this is why the previous level was so simple. Me and Chin got the required numbers and shape. But like a complete idiot, i ignored the obvious for the arcane. Finally, after around half an hour, i typed in the obvious and we got through.

Level 34: Took the easy way out here, did not do any letter decoding. I knew who the guy was and what the connect to MIT was. I tried the exact one for way too long before finally figuring out that the approximate one would do just fine.

On this level, we ended Tuesday, just 4 levels away from victory.

Level 35: Chinmay figured out which table is being talked about and the answer. Good level again.

Level 36: The happy roger federer and the words which stuck out from the message were more than enough for us to solve it.

Level 37: This level was solved strangely. We knew what the logic was immediately, but we applied the wrong code. Later, when we came to the right code, we applied the wrong logic. After about 6 hours, Chinmay managed to combine the right logic with the right code to get us the answer.

Level 38: We figured that the answer to the question “who died?” would give us the required result.We decoded it wrongly and were struggling. Then, me and my roommate started entering random names who have died. They ranged from (and i kid you not) “Gandhi” to “Mozart” to “Krishna” to “Jesus” to “Mother Theresa” and even “Michael Jackson”.

Finally, my roommate said, how about “Isaac Newton”? This led to a weird connect in my mind (as my mind is often wont to do), and i told him to enter a name which i thought would be better suited for a quest than Isaac Newton and told him “It’s probably wrong”. When he entered it, and we saw the congrats screen, we were dumbstruck. Chinmay also could not believe it. We figured out how in an amazing display of post-facto reasoning. But the moment of victory, after a lot of mental exercising, had come through complete and total dumb luck. (pretty similar to how Level 25 went last year)

So there you have it. Playing after working, a lot of heartburn, and one amazing shot in the dark which hit the bullseye just when we needed it the most. That was K5.

I would rate it below K4 on the whole. Level 13 was just badly designed, would removing it have made any difference? probably not. The other levels were good. And the innovativeness of a few levels was to be admired.

Until Next Year,




  1. hi, its been two since i am stuck on level 31. i have used the wiki page to decipher the notes mentioned in the image, i know the 5 flags and their presence in the table on wiki, the source gives the order 34152, that is where i am lost.
    now what?
    how to associate the interpretation of notes to the table
    what is the answer a country? continent? city?

    • @Anupam: This level was solved by Chinmay and hence i have no idea what the logic was. You can ask him the question @

  2. hey!!
    am stuck @ 33 for close to 2 days now … found what GR is … but have no idea bout applying it to the grid.. 😥 i came across ur blog, n thought i’d seek help here, w/o having direct hints hinder ppl hu r brighter than moi.. 😥

    • @Bee: Map the GR on the grid. U will get a shape, then just complete the clue given in the source.

  3. i am stuck on 23 for a long time! i think it has got something to do with my internet connection. half the things are blocked here. is the order 3127? i am quite sure it is, but nothing is happening. POA was the third book. maia is the eldest daughter. POP warrior within is the 2nd game and pride is the 7th sin. help!

    • @sania: U r on the right track. Just relook a specific number in the ones u have posted. Hint: Would you say “The dark knight” is the 2nd Batman movie or the 6th? It’s a matter of perspective and starting at the right point.

  4. i tried to map the hex value of the GR as (x,y) co-ordinates on the grid… n ended up with positions that seem to roughly indicate B & I (using the world tour hint)… am i atleast on the right track ??? :-S

  5. Hey i m stuck on Level 26. Please help.

  6. any clues for L2? i know its to do with some quadrant.. but can figure out what it is !

    • In Level 2, just complete the letters. The quadrants are covering parts of the letters needed to get through.

  7. Can you guide me about the source code for level 23? I’m getting a different wikipedia page every time I look for it. So I’m pretty sure I don’t have the exact S.C. Please help.

  8. Hey i’m stuck at level 10 B.. I hav found out the culprit.. But couldnt go on further 😦 Help me out!!!

  9. stuck at 35- got PS NC CA using elementary table but whts the answers? tried combination of NC CP nothing works. plz help

  10. stuck at level 22 for a long time….pls help…i have mapped the cities, got the figure…but it reminds me of nothing…how do i proceed

  11. @37 got “hnre” letters by going back to levels 17,11,18,19 this correct? plz help!

  12. Help me with level 7.
    Did James get the Job?? Selected Or rejected..
    tried all but not getting the answer

    • the answer is no (James didnt get the job as everyone was rejected). look up the options on t9

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