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Best and Worst Movies of the alphabet: E to H

Welcome back to my alphabet wise movie review. Last time, i chronicled the Best and Worst movies from A to D. This time we go from E to H.

Once again, all opinions are mine and mine alone and are not a reflection on the people associated with the movies, just on the movies themselves. As always, thanks once again to Subodh Kapoor for his insights into the movies being chronicled here.


E seems to be the letter of “Not too good but not too bad” movies. But thankfully, there are the outliers which make classifying the best and worst movie possible.

Worst Movie: This was narrowed down to 2 contenders pretty easily, namely “Eena Meena Deeka” (whose legacy may just be the ‘Towel mein baahar jaaogi” song) and “English Babu Desi Mem”. Finally, despite being a huge SRK fan, i had to give it to


englishbabudesimemThis movie, along with “Oh Darling Yeh Hai India” will remain as SRK’s 2 worst movies irrespective of what else he does. The story of the movie is that SRK comes to India in search of a boy who is actually his long lost someone (been quite some time since i saw this). But the boy stays with Sonali Bendre who is a bar dancer, and she refuses to let the boy go. This leads to a very bad movie unfolding on the screen. Unlike many of the other “worst” movies mentioned, this one can actually be given a watch just to see what roles SRK used to play before becoming Raj/Rahul.

Best Movie:

Me and Subodh had a debate whether remakes should be considered for “Best movie” even if they are really good movies. Because the 2 movies which i had shortlisted for Best, namely “Eeshwar” and “Ek ruka hua faisla” are both remakes. Finally, we decided to go with the movie merit irrespective of its origin. So the best movie for “E” is


ekrukahuaA remake of “12 Angry Men”, this movie makes no sense in an Indian context, because the Jury system for trials in India was abandoned quite some time ago and the dialogues in this movie mention one of the best Indian comedy movies (foreshadowing for a future letter šŸ™‚ ) setting the movie in 1985. But despite this, the movie rises above this plot hole on the strength of the performances. Every single actor in this movie has performed out of his skin, with Anu Kapoor and Pankaj Kapoor being the best. The movie is a tense drama from start to finish, and is thoroughly deserving of this spot.


Slim pickings in “F” , not too many movies made from this letter yet. But, of the ones which are present. These are the best and worst.

Worst Movie: The honorable mentions for this letter are “Family” which was the really bad follow up to Khakee (which is one of the best cop movies ever made) and Fun2shh with Paresh Rawal and 2 others travelling back in time. And the worst movie is:


This Indianization of Guy Ritchie’s cult classic “Snatch” was everything that Snatch wasn’t. Snatch was an imaginative, funny, mad-cap caper revolving around a diamond. This was a confused mess from scene 1 through till the end. The Paresh Rawal and Johnny Lever comedy scenes were notable for their complete lack of comedy and Sunny Deol looked like he would rather have been anywhere else. A worthy winner.

Best Movie: The only honorable mention which i have seen is “Fareb” starring (lets see if i remember this right) Milind Gunaji, Faraaz Khan and Suman Ranganathan. But the winner is:


India’s very first Bond movie. This was apparently shot while waiting for the higher profile movie by the same team to release. As luck would have it, the higher profile movie flopped and this movie gave birth to the “Jumping Jack” persona. Good story, good cinematography and really good music with the spy element thrown in for good measure, this movie is the complete package.


Worst Movie: Honorable mention “Guddu” which is notable for SRK searching for Manisha Koirala using a hang-glider (not kidding). But there was a worse movie by another Khan, namely


Let’s look at this objectively, you take a movie which has made over 500 million dollars worldwide and rip it off. You cast Salman Khan who was coming off a string of hits, you cast Amitabh Bachchan to play God because, well, it’s Amitabh Bachchan. You cast a Miss World who is beginning to show that she can act as well through her performance in Aitraaz. Sounds like a no-lose situation right? Well, the makers took all this and went on to royally screw the pooch. This movie was a chore to watch, and to this day i have no idea why i watched it. But with this list, i know that all that watching was not in vain, at least it gets a well deserved worst movie spot.

Best movie: This was a close call, i could not decide whether to give this to “Guide” which is an all-time classic and considered way ahead of its time, or to “Ghayal” which birthed the Sunny Deol we know and changed Sunny from his “Betaab” and “Sunny” days to his “Ghatak” “Ziddi” and “Gadar” days. Both movies changed the movie landscape (for better or worse), and even as i type this i am having second thoughts about which movie to declare as the winner. But, her goes:


A brilliant story told in a brilliant manner, having recently read the original short story, i have to say that this movie captures the book beautifully. Classic music, evergreen performances and an ending with a moral. A classic, in the truest sense of the word.


Worst Movie: The honorable mention goes to Ajay Devgan’s “Hogi Pyar Ki Jeet”, and Fardeen Khan in “Hum Ho Gaye Aapke” (which was aired on an entertainment channel 10 days after its release which is probably a record), and the winner is:


Notice the poster above, this movie was marketed as a Kajol movie, despite the fact that Kajol shares almost equal screen time with Ayesha Jhulka and even Aruna Irani. The hero of this movie was Atul Agnihotri (who cut his losses and got into direction). The stroy of the movie is that 2 lovers are forced to marry where their families want them to get married and not to each other. The aunty (Aruna Irani) comes up with the idea that they act badly with their spouse, get divorces and then get married to each other. I wonder who decided to green light this movie. It deserves this spot.

Best Movie: Lots of good choices here, there was “Hero No.1” which for all its faults was a brilliant entertainer, “Hindustani” “Haasil” “Himmatwala” “Half Ticket”, but in the end i had to give it to a true trendsetting movie. It is almost single handedly due to this movie that we have the phenomenon of “Multiplex movies” now. The best movie is:


Nagesh Kukkunoor apparently made this move in 1.5 lakh rupees. It quickly gained a following due to its quirky style and down to earth storytelling. But, this movie’s legacy will remain the fact that it pioneered the art movies becoming commercialized which in turn led to the rise of the multiplex in India. A deserving winner as per me.

Until Next Time when we go from I to L,




  1. I am impressed…. that you have mentioned Guide, Farz and Fareb.. You have taken a lot of pains to come up with this…!!!!
    And Wow.. Sunny Deol has acted in “Fool n Final” !

    • Well, to be honest, no one “Acted” in Fool n Final. They appeared on camera, and that’s about it.

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