Posted by: kcgadiyar | December 31, 2009

A last post for 2009: My best of the year in everything

Hello again for one last time this year,

This post is a first for me, as it is being written from a cyber cafe. So any formatting errors are due to the connection here. Pictures will be posted and the post willbe upated on the 5th.

Anyways, I had originally planned a succession of lists for ending the year, but real life and work interfered. All the lists planned have now been shortened and put into this singular post which i call “Best of everything this year”. So let’s jump into this:

Best book i have read this year: As is the case with every year, i have read more books than i care to remember. There were quite a few good ones that i finally got around to reading this year.

Honorable mentions include: “The Lost Symbol”, “The Book Thief”, “Slaughterhouse five”. I would recommend picking up any of these books, they are well worth a read. But,the best book i have read this year is

Maus – a Survivor’s tale: Brilliant Graphic Novel by Art Spiegelman about the treatment of Jews during WW2 paralleled with the story of Art and his Father. There is a good reason why this came 10th on the list of all time storylines in comics despite being a graphic novel.

Best hindi film of the year: This was a disappointing year for quality in bollywood. No movie made me want to go watch it again. There were no stand out movies, and choosing the best was almost impossible. That is, until the very last friday of the year when the movie of the year was released. Honorable mentions: Rocket Singh, Dev D, Kaminey. The winner:

3 Idiots: Aamir Khan does it again forthe 3rd consecutive year on christmas. This was a light and breezy entertainer which carried a serious message under all that humor. Raju Hirani hits the bullseye again after the Munnabhai series. The most fun film this year.

Best song of the year: Unlike movies, the year was good for music. Plenty of good songs and albums including Raaz 2, Dev D, Love Aaj Kal, Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani. But,the song of the year is:

Dhan Te Nan:

This was a high energy extravaganza, brilliantly shot, well acted and very very catchy. A well deserving song.

Match of the year: The Indian cricket team did very well this year, and if we had won in Hyderabad, that would have been a shoo-in for my match of the year. Instead, it has to go to:

Barcelona steamrolling ManU in the Champions league final:

This was a match well worth staying up late to watch (if you are a Barca fan)

Meme of the year: First off, i would like to direct you to ,  very good videos explaining each meme in-depth. With that in mind, my meme of the year is Kanye West interrupting Taylor swift. It spawned the phrase “Ima let you finish” chronicled here

And finally, Best moment this year: The IPL Final played out between the 2 teams which represent me, my home state team of RCB and the Deccan Chargers. Especially after no one gave either of these teams any chance.

With that I am outta here. This post will be updated on the 5th to make it more viewer friendly. Hope you guys had a great 2009, and have a better 2010. Cya next year.

Until next time,




  1. Life has a funny way of interfering with our plans, doesn’t it…

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