Posted by: kcgadiyar | February 18, 2010

A response to a response to yesterdays post

Well, my comments from the post regarding sports yesterday seemed to have got a very emotional response from a reader. The response seemed very levelheaded until the commenter started snark. To anyone who has browsed through my posts, it will already be clear that most of my posts take a deep sarcastic bent, something which was lost on the commenter completely. Also, it was clearly posted as “Opinion”, you could agree or disagree with it. I have not included the comment in the previous post because i wanted to do a proper reply to it and not just a comment reply.

For my reply, i will be using this article as reference: Cracked truly is the reference site for the whole of the internet.

All comments in italics were from the response, normal text is me:

Author: Checkmark115. Ahh, the anonymity offered by the internet, isn’t it wonderful.

You obviously shouldnt talk about things you dont understand.

Makes sense, you shouldn’t talk about things you don’t understand, but the leap of faith taken to assume that i just churned out a full post without looking for any kind of information regarding what i was writing seems harsh. So, we have personality type #8 from the article i.e. the non believer.

People are doing these sports, and yes they are sports, because they LOVE them and they are passionate about them and they do take physical skill to participate in. It’s his opinion, i won’t question this.

Your ignorance is no excuse for what you said and I emplore you to rethink your opinions. Dressage is more than “dancing”; equestrians use that term for non-equestrians like you to possibly help them understand a little about what it is. I’d like you to get on a horse and ride for 15 minutes, or do any of those sports listed above… I BET you will be sore and crying to your mother the next day, if you didnt fall off first.

And the snark begins, at no point in the article did i say that i could do ride a horse, did i? The all caps on BET makes it seem that he is going for sarcastic, but doesn’t come across like that. Also, this is type#6: The great defender. Also, “I emplore you to rethink your opinions”? If i have figured out one thing, it is that people are opinionated and not much will make them change.

Those athletes train for YEARS to get good, and those horses are worth thousands and thousands of dollars. You have absolutely no idea how hard dressage can be. For you to say its the same as awarding a bear in the circus a gold is ridiculous. As I said, get on a horse and see if you can make it stop and go and turn let alone do a canter pirouette or passage and piaffe or half pass at the tror and canter flawlessly. It more than “choreographing dancing” you idiot.

You know what is another thing i love about the internet. People start calling people names just because they have differences of opinion. And for the record, how can the commenter belittle dancing bears, has he researched the amount of work and risk that a bear trainer puts in to make a bear dance? The trainer works for years to make a proper performance come out, and what does he get at the end of it – he gets killed by the bear who he considered a brother. Don’t believe me, here you go: And also, type#6 makes a second appearance here.

Why dont you use the world wide web and google the USDF of USEA and maybe learn something along the way.Dreassage is an age old sport and yes, it is a sport. As are all of those listed above! I too think some things are stupid, but to each his own. Everyone is good at something and it may not be running track or swimming or playing football, but there are other sports out there and you shouldnt berate those things that are unfamiliar to you.

Questioning the smartness of people is a time honored tradition which everyone indulges in since L.K.G, glad to see it doesn’t change even when you grow up. And here we get type#2: The political activist

oh and PS thousands of people would miss dressage. The  horse world is huge and Dressage is a big sport.

Never said it wasn’t, i was questioning the inclusion in the Olympics. Do you know that Cricket is way bigger than dressage, in fact there are temples for cricketers in India. But, just because something is huge does not mean that it represents a vast majority of the IOC countries. Also, this was type#3: the Ninja, since this comment was an add-on to the original.

Glad to see that Dressage also evokes strong opinions on the net. Maybe that should also be a rule on the internet, similar to rule 34 :  We can call it: If it exists, there are people willing to defend it.



  1. Generally I read, think of commenting but finally just leave, but this was just too good an opportunity to miss. I agree with the original article about some “sport”s being included in Olympics n those “sport”s being judged n handing out prizes. If being “big” was the criteria for being included in Olympics I’ve a few sports that come to mind which are quite big – F1, WRC, Indy 500, NASCAR or any other racing event. Leaving the racing world I guess Golf was played long ago at Olympics, not anymore (I may be wrong) n Cricket? If “number of hours spent in practice” is the criteria then I guess all physical activity that can be remotely looked at as “sporting activity” should be included in Olympics. Do Kabaddi players start playing kabaddi without any practice? What about arm wrestling? Mud Wrestling? Wife Carrying (This definitely is more taxing than riding any horse)? Guess I can go on n on… anyway, this is just my opinion!

  2. Gadiyar, start including a “Like” button for your posts. 🙂

    • Thanks, coming from you that is high praise.

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