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Prince – The review

Everyone who knows me knows that I am a discerning movie watcher. I won’t spend my hard-earned (yeah, right!) money on a movie if I am convinced that it won’t be worth the money. Then there is a movie like Prince. From the trailers it was pretty clear that the movie was going to be bad, but the trailers had this quality which said “This is going to be so bad, it will circle the spectrum and come back to good.”

Knowing fully well that I was in for a car-crash of epic proportions, i decided to watch Prince in a theatre. My expectations from the movie was that it would give me a good solid 2 hours of entertainment and recoup the ticket price i paid. After watching the movie, I have to say that i got more value for my money in this movie than any other movie I have ever watched in a theatre (apart from maybe Avatar in IMAX 3D). In fact, Prince is by far the best comedy which may be released this year (they should have changed the genre from “Action-Adventure” to “Comedy” before release.).

This movie is destined to be mentioned in the same breath as “Gunda” or “Jaani Dushman – Ek Anokhi Kahaani” in 3 years time when someone rediscovers it on DVD. And make no mistake, comparing a movie to Gunda is giving it extremely high praise.

The movie opens with Viveik Oberoi dressed as a Sardar very easily robbing diamonds from a building having State-of-the-art security while simultaneously ripping off “MI:2” “The Matrix” and (very strangely) “Sinngh is Kinng” in a single fight scene. Then, as the hero base jumps from a building, which was previously established to be 3 stories high and is now somehow 50 stories, onto a moving vehicle, the title song plays. At this point, you half expect a sign to come up on the screen saying “It is now safe to turn off your brain for the rest of the movie”.

What’s the plot: Well, one day Prince (whose civilian identity is also named “Prince” – Why would any robber do that) wakes up with a bullet wound and no recollection of what has happened. It turns out that he is to recover an antique coin for a mob boss named “Saarang” (who is ripping off “The terminator” with his one robotic hand – Don’t ask). There is a fake out in the middle of the movie when someone claims that “The coin was made from Ravana’s blood”. Unfortunately, the actual nature behind the coin is waaaay more ludicrous in explanation. Apparently, scientists have developed nano-particles which suck peoples memories and place them onto computer drives in true to life picture and sound. The villain uses this on Prince, the rest of the movie is how Prince manages to get his memories back.

In the interim, there are 3 ladies pretending to be “Maya”, Prince’s girlfriend. This sidetrack is introduced only in order to have all the heroines parade around in skin tight leather, short shorts, bikinis and just a towel in one case. And there is another villain who would give Bappi Lahiri a complex from the amount of gold he wears, also there are Sanjay Kapoor and Dalip Tahil as cops.

The performances: Viveik Oberoi seems to be having the time of his life, he knows exactly how bad a movie he is in, and acts accordingly. The villain hams it up and doesn’t look out of place in this over the top movie. The heroines are pure eye candy and nothing else. Sanjay Kapoor, Dalip Tahil and the rest of the supporting cast look like they mistakenly wandered onto the set of “Prince” and decided that as long as they were there, they might as well act in it.

The stunts in the movie are very well done, although heavily copied from Hollywood. Also, this is probably the first hindi m0vie in which the hero is a worser shot than the red-shirts. Throughout the movie Viveik Oberoi manages to only shoot and kill 2 people, but this is explained later as there being a traitor in the cops side who replaces the bullets in the cop guns with blanks.

All in all, the movie has plotholes and contrived coincidences so large, you could drive an entire convoy of trucks through them. The plot makes no sense, the heroines are wasted., the hero is invincible, the stunts are physics-defying, the music leaves a lot to be determined, the scene transitions are clunky at best. But, despite all this, i can’t not recommend watching “Prince”, it is a perfect movie for watching in a group or even for just timepass and an even better movie if you are the sort who likes finding loopholes in films.

I will give “Prince” 2 stars out of 5. There is almost destined to be a “Cult of Prince” soon. Like the title character says “It’s showtime”.



  1. Ha Ha …Kudos for having the courage to endure the Prince of Pain in the Butt …

    When I read the word ‘Worser’ it brought back many memories…of me and my boss arguing if ‘worser’ is a proper english word…

    Now I can say that it is.

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  3. gotta watch this one.. lol

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