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This Summer…

With “Iron Man 2” and “Kites” officially kicking off the summer movie season (in a disappointing manner, I felt IM2 was not as good as the first, and Kites was just bad.), I decided to put together a list of the 10 movies which I am most looking forward to watch this season. The list is from my personal preferences only, but hopefully i can steer a few readers towards movies they wouldn’t have seen otherwise. Here we go:

Honorable Mentions:

1. Get him to the Greek: I loved “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”, and this is a thematic sequel from the same team.

2. Jonah Hex: One of my favorite comic characters, so of course i am looking forward to this.

3. Scott Pilgrim vs The world: A very well written series of Graphic Novels, interested in seeing how it translates to the big screen.

4. Predators: I had to choose between putting this or another Adrian Brody movie on the list, but Adrian Brody as a scientist is more realistic than him as a mercenary.

Main :

10. Splice:

Splice Poster

I am a sucker for movies like this which involve science which is within the realm of possibility but not attempted (that we know of). The concept seems interesting, and as i said, Adrian Brody is believable as a scientist. This movie will mostly not release in India anytime soon (District 9 has still not released in a major way in India). But nevertheless, it looks to be a movie worth seeing.

9. Milenge Milenge:

This may seem an odd choice, but there are 2 reasons i am looking forward to this movie.

a. Shahid and Kareena pair up again (for mostly the last time) after “Jab We Met”

b. Most importantly, this is a remake of “Serendipity” which is my favorite rom-com. I expect this movie to live up to that one.

Hopefully, Boney Kapoor and Satish Kaushik will give us a good movie with this one.

8. Knight and Day:

This movie has smart casting. Everyone thinks Tom Cruise is crazy, so they cast him as a crazy secret agent. The movie trailer makes it clear that we are supposed to connect this character to the Ethan Hunt character from Mission Impossible, just gone cuckoo. The trailer seems like a lot of fun, and the actors seem to be enjoying themselves. This movie is also interesting to see if Tom Cruise can recapture lost box office glory before MI:4.

7. The Karate Kid:

A reboot of the Karate Kid franchise, starring Jaden Smith (Will Smith’s son) and Jackie Chan as the wise master. I did not like the concept of a Karate Kid remake, since the original is a classic, but thankfully it is not a remake. A completely new setting, a new story, a good trailer and Jackie Chan, enough to make me look forward to this movie.

6. Raavan:

From the team that brought us “Yuva” and “Guru”. The movie looks to be good, and i was pretty excited with the first trailer. But then, the underwhelming music and the subsequent trailers have culled my excitement. This was an easy number 1 on this list, but the publicity has me not wanting to watch it almost. So it only makes it to number 6. That being said, I have full faith in Mani Ratnam, I am sure he will make a movie worth watching over and over as he did with “Guru”.

5. Raajneeti:

The first multi-starrer political drama in Hindi cinema. This looks to be a must watch. The performances (Judging purely by the trailer) look brilliant. The cast is brilliant, and the trailer has me interested in knowing more about the movie. Releasing June 4th, this one is much anticipated.

4. I Hate Luv Storys:

Bad spelling aside, this movie looks to be the Dharma productions camp poking fun at themselves. Imran Khan needs a hit again, and Sonam Kapoor needs a hit. The trailers are good, the music is very good. This is the hindi movie i am most looking forward to this season.

3. Toy Story 3:

Woody, Buzz and the gang are back, this time in 3-D. I saw the special 3-D double feature of the first 2 movies in Hyderabad recently, and this has me looking forward to this movie more than ever. This is poised to be the biggest movie this summer. Also, it is Pixar back on the brand that made them a household name, how can this miss?

2. The Expendables:

Why am i looking forward to this? Stallone, Statham, Lundgren, Jet Li, Mickey Rourke, Austin, Couture, with guest appearances by Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Any fan of pure action movies must be looking forward to this. In the future, when someone looks up the phrase “Adrenaline rush” in a dictionary, the poster of this movie will be included as an example. If this is a hit, hopefully they will do a sequel with Seagal and Van Damme appearing since they had date problems for this movie.

1. Inception:

Christopher Nolan is back. The movie looks to be a mind-screw of epic proportions (ok, maybe not as much as Memento). Dicaprio is proving how good an actor he is. Ellen Page and Joseph Gordon-Levitt give the movie immediate indie-cred and the effects look spectacular (heres hoping Prasads IMAX finally removes Avatar and allows this to release in the format). The story looks interesting, it is about getting people’s secrets through their dreams. If anyone can pull it off, Nolan can. This movie earns my most-anticipated title for the summer (Warner Bros must be happy).

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  2. Already watched Rajneeti and Karate Kid…both are full paisa vasool!

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