Posted by: kcgadiyar | July 16, 2010

Inception: The review

In between a summer movie season with mindless entertainers (The A-Team), Animated sequels (Toy Story 3) and that hormonal imbalance machine called Twilight: Eclipse, we finally have an original idea hitting the screens.

Like the lead character of the movie says “The most resilient parasite in the world is an idea”. Apparently, Christopher Nolan had the idea for Inception 9 years ago, but it took him delivering 2 Batman movies and “The Prestige” in between for the studios to finally fork out the (estimated) 150 Million dollars to bring the idea to the big screen. After watching the movie, I have to say, it was well worth the wait.

Theatres havenn’t been witness to a movie with this level of a mind-screw since “The Matrix” in 1998 (too bad they didn’t make any sequels). Bottom Line: If you want to witness a movie which requires your involvement in every development and challenges you to think about what you are watching unfold on screen, this movie is definitely recommended.

Cobb (Dicaprio) and Arthur (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) are members of a team which specializes in secret extraction from a person’s dreams. They create a world of the dream and lure a person into the dream from where they can steal his secrets. They are employed by a mysterious benefactor (Watanabe) who wants them to do the opposite i.e. plant an idea into the brain of his business rival (Cilian Murphy) to split up his business empire. For this job, they enlist the services of an architect named Ariadne (named for the person who guided Theseus through the Minotaur’s labyrinth). In between the preparation for the job and the setting up of the rules of dream-space, we are also told about Cobb’s past in small segments throughout the movie. How the job is carried out, and whether it is even carried out or not forms the rest of the movie.

The first thing you notice about this movie is how realistic the effects look. In fact, there is a scene in which Paris (the city) folds onto itself, it is truly an awe-inspiring piece of effects work, and it just looks effortless. The rules of the dream-space are established and stay internally consistent in the movie.

The zero-gravity fights, the camerawork and the stuntwork are all really well done. And the final action scene with 4 levels of dreams (that is a dream within a dream within a dream within a dream (yes, it is as mind-screwy as it sounds)) is one of the best tension building moments i have seen. Despite the movie being pretty high concept, there is still some amazing action involved to keep the proceedings tight.

The performances are brilliant. Dicaprio is in top-form, in fact this may be his best performance since “The Aviator”. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is as competent as always. Ellen Page, Cilian Murphy, Ken Watanabe and the rest of the Supporting cast are good. Marion Coitilliard is equal parts alluring and scary as her role demands. Michael Caine, as always, is Michael Caine.

The only issue i have with the movie is the open-ended final scene. We are never sure if our hero has made it or not, to say that the ending literally leaves us in a spin will not be an exaggeration.

But that little issue aside, the movie rocks. Christopher Nolan, take a bow, and then start work on Batman 3 now, please.

Final Rating: 4.5/5. Go watch it.



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  2. The Matrix has a sequel; actually two sequels- Reloaded and Revolutions, respectively.
    Btw, a nice review… a good observation regarding nomenclature of Ariadne… I agree on most of your opinions… Nolan is an amazing talent… now, am keenly looking forward to Batman-3
    and decaprio has actually been doing good movies since gangs of new york… trying different things, with equal ease… remember the acquired south african accent in blood diamond…. he is undoubtedly an extremely talented guy, as well… will be great to watch another decaprio-nolan combo!

    • Dude, the Matrix sequels joke is a bit of sarcasm. It was a callback to this XKCD strip:

  3. Caught it a day late…
    About the ending… Nolan would either be a cynic or a sap. But this way at least I can choose the ending I want 🙂

    • Agree, i too felt that it was a choose what you want the ending to be. Makes us realize if we are an optimist or a pessimist 🙂

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