Posted by: kcgadiyar | July 17, 2010

5 mind-screw movies to watch after Inception

I was discussing the movie Inception with my friends yesterday, and the one common reaction to it was “What a mind-**** of a movie. Pretty comparable to ‘The Matrix’ in making us question reality”. That made me think as to which are the other movies i have seen which have ended with a complete mind-screw (political correctness FTW), and right of the top of my head, i came up with these five. If any of you liked “Inception” and are looking for similar movies, these five would make a good starting point.

5. The Game:

Michael Douglas stars in this David Fincher movie about a guy who gets “gifted” a game by his brother for his birthday. His life then starts falling apart, he finds himself in the midst of a conspiracy being chased down by a company (which seemingly can take into account a number of contrived co-incidences) and a mystery woman. The ending of this movie is a “you either like it or you hate it” moment. I personally liked the ending. The reason i included this Fincher film over “Fight Club” is because in “Fight Club” the mind-screw is limited to one person, in this it seems like the whole world is against the hero.
4. Dark City:

This movie was “The Matrix” before “The Matrix”. The basic story is the same, humans are controlled by beings they dont know exist in a place which is just a fabrication. The hero is seen as the chosen one by a wise teacher, and he realises his potential at the end, while one of the beings in control wants to see if he can become more human, and becomes the hero’s nemesis. The 2 movies even share the same sets. Check this move out, Kiefer Sutherland’s performance makes it worth it.

3. Vanilla Sky:

It takes its own sweet time for us to realize that something is not quite right with the world as it is shown in this movie. In fact, for the first hour, it plays as a straightforward romantic film. Then, the mind-screw takes over. I wont spoil the twist, but just the fact that there is one in what seems like a simple enough movie is what makes this a nice little mind-screw. Besides, it has got Penelope Cruz in it.

2. The thirteenth floor

Another reality questioning movie. The plot is that two scientists develop a virtual reality world with projections which have their own consciousness. They visit this world regularly in order to interact with the people who they have imagined as existing. Then, needless to say, the whole thing goes straight to hell, and leads to us questioning the nature of reality by the time the movie ends.

1. The Matrix:

It’s a movie, you might have heard about it. This was the pinnacle of reality bending movies, the stunts, the dialogues and the effects, all are still copied to this day. I dont think i need to say any further.

Got your own favorites? Let me know.



  1. There are lot movies like this.
    Please go through this movies list.

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