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Klueless 6 – At least it is over

Klueless 6, all the anticipation, all the hype and buildup, all the preparation. So did K6 live up to it’s illustrious legacy? In a word. No.

In a few more words, K6 was fine. But nowhere even close to what K3, K4 and K5 were (these 3 are the best Klueless editions as per me, and i am not just saying that because i was on the K3 team ๐Ÿ™‚ ). There was something just missing in the levels. Very few levels made me go “Ah. so that is what it meant” when it was solved. Most of the time i just went “Huh? That was underwhelming”. It is like in a suspense movie when the final reveal comes and it makes absolutely no sense in context – that is how i felt about K6. Hell, i was able to keep the game on hold for a whole week and tour DC and NYC without feeling the itch to get back to playing it.

So, as is my annual tradition, lets go through a run-through of the levels. As usual, no direct answers are contained, if you want direct answers look elsewhere, hints will be there though. Let’s begin:

Level 1: Simple level, click and go through

Level 2: Simple enough again, no major problems flipping it

Level 3: I admit, i entered the 4 letter word first and got the warning, but then i entered the substitute and got through

Level 4: Saw the map, knew exactly what i was looking at, entered it and got through

Level 5: Simple level, the riddle reminded me of a similar one in “Goldeneye”. Changed the answer given in the movie to one more suited to here and got on to the next level

Level 6: First roadblock, got this one after a lot of thinking of alternate uses of the word given in the source.

Level 7: Simple google search of all the terms on the page got me the answer.

Level 8: Very similar to the gtalk level from K5. So similar in fact, that i did not even try to enter the answer in the answer box.

Level 9: Simple enough level to solve, googling everything gives the answer directly. The animation did not add anything to the level and was a time-waster just for the sake of being a time-waster. I hold Klueless to a higher standard than this.

Level 10: The level itself is very simple provided you know how to read a dead language, wiki will help you in this. Again i felt that the level was complicated just for the sake of being complicated. Klueless levels have to make some sense when you solve them, either the identity of the person revealed as the answer should have something to do with clues or at least fit in with a central theme. The answers in this edition just came out of left field completely.

Level 11: This was when i finally got a team to solve Klueless with. Of course, the team member was in Japan, so trying to coordinate an effort across a 13 hour time difference with Thanksgiving holidays was not an easy thing to do. The source code told me everything needed to solve the level, got the answer quite easily. Image manipulation was not required although substitution will help

Level 12: Finally, a level where it feels like you are playing Klueless. I got the song being referred to quite easily and kept putting variants of it as the answer, finally it took a brainwave for me to realize what it was referring to. This was the first time i actually went “Well Played, K6 team!” (and one of the very few times as well)

Level 13: Every Klueless needs to have a level dealing with this particular “table”. Without fail. The best level like this was in K3 (if i remember correctly). The answer there was “Love” which was a double-entendre. Here the answer is pretty close to love again, just not that apparent and well thought out as the previous version

Level 14: Took me quite some time to realize the exact drink being talked about. If you need your audience to have a knowledge of drinks which sound like haX0r speech, then you are trying too hard. Got the answer and converted it to the required “code language” apparent from the header of the page and got the answer

Level 15: Another good level. I like levels like this, in fact, if i have to rank my all time favorite levels. The “Cruithne” level from K5 would be right on top. This was following in the same footsteps as that, only dealing with seafaring vessels.

Level 16: Pretty simple level, just speak out loudly what you see in each pair of pics (yes, “pair of pics”) and the missing thing will become apparent.

Level 17: It says a lot about how much people now love Klueless when probably the best level this year (according to me) comes from a contest winner. This level felt like Klueless, it had the clues all in front of you but you needed a slight nudge to see the “code” and get the answer. Kudos, M. Siddharth. This was a classic Klueless level.

Level 18: Again, the design contest winners seem to have put more effort into their entries than the actual Klueless team (I am not knocking you guys, having been part of the team i know how much work it is actually designing levels). This level again had the answers right there in front of me, but it took lateral thinking to get it. Again, kudos to the guest designer Harish V. Oh right, the clue, well, google the countries with the numbers as a limited term, the answer will come to you.

Level 19: This was a good level as well, liked the way they linked “deadlocks” to the old native american way of communication.

Level 20: Who designed this level? Seriously, this was bad. Since the mods decided to be all cute, i am giving away a spoiler here: “Dracula” and “Vampire” are not the answers, they take you to a level which you cannot win. The actual answer of this level does not logically follow from anything anywhere on this level. Most disappointing level among all Klueless editions put together. Anyway, the clue, focus on pants, all types of them.

Level 21: I have no idea about this one, my friend came through and solved this one. Apparently, the changes in the picture lead you to an excel file which you can then manipulate.

Level 22: Take both forks in the road

Level 22a: Famous fictional character name which is also the name of a song by the Band whose name can be derived here

Level 22b: Another famous band, the pics represent the members.

Overall level 22: A logic-less mixture of the 2 names to get a single name. Again i ask, why?

Level 23: Simple level, read all the sentences like you are re-todd-it and you will get the answer through simple googling.

Level 24: Slightly convoluted level. Find the countries, their codes, and then do jugglery using the source hint to get the answer.

Level 25: Simple level again, assuming most people’s laptops are US based, just type in the sentences in word and you will get the required letters. These are then rearranged for the answer.

Level 26: The source is a giveaway here, pretty simple after that

Level 27: Well, you need something which is always guaranteed to win you the game. Like in the Hindi films when the hero produces this from out of nowhere

Level 28: Credit where credit is due, this was a good level. Well constructed and the answer link comes out of nowhere. Can’t give hints for this without spoiling some part of it at least. Solve this one, it is well worth your while.

Level 29: Ok, so if all we needed to solve it was the “Knotty loser” why was the grid even present. I immediately knew which book to refer to for the answer once we knew who”Knotty loser” meant

Level 30: “Tail minus five” is your friend. Figure out where it occurs, and what is the “Apocalypse” coming there, the wiki page has the answer. It is the last second before everything goes red.

Level 31: Notice a change compared to previous levels on this page. Now look back in history as asked and get the answer. Good level overall.

Level 32: Simple level again, just change your orientation to get a few names, and combine with the second part to get the answer in good times.

Level 33: Yes, it is exactly the game it seems to be, play it as directed and you will get the answer

Level 33b: This would have been a perfect ending point for K6. Everything was there, an obscure reference, a mathematical operation and quite fittingly the game which most people compare Klueless to. But unfortunately, there was another level after this.

Level 34: This level was in 2 parts, while i appreciate the fact that they have us reaching out to self-replies, the final answer just came out of nowhere again. When i saw the congratulations screen, there was no joy or satisfaction, just relief that it was done and dusted and now we can look forward to K7.


So, overall how was Klueless:

The good:

Level 28, the User submitted levels and Level 24


The Bad:

Unresponsive moderators: Seriously guys, either keep comment threads open or moderate them quickly. You have no idea how much enthusiasm wanes when you wait endlessly for a comment to show up

– Illogical levels: I am hereby naming level 20 as the worst level among every single edition of Klueless so far (having played every single one, i can actually voice my opinion on this one). Also, while the last level may have been pretty logical, the final answer left a lot to be desired. At least in K5 the “Da Vinci” answer made perfect sense for the last answer of Klueless, this answer just leaves you cold

– Too many direct answers: For most levels, you may have noticed me say “Google it and you get the answer”, That is not what Klueless is about. The google search should only lead you toward the answer, not give the answer directly

Overall, this edition of Klueless ranks below all others for me. Your opinion may differ, but that is what i feel. Hopefully the K7 team picks it up and does a much better job next year.



  1. can you elaborate on level 14? thanks

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