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Year end 2010 – Hindi Movie Trailers of the year

Another year is coming to a close, and with just 20 days left in 2010, i decided to start my year-end lists (as most people will over the coming days).

The first lists i decided to go with are trailers. Movies in India and in Hollywood now know the value of marketing a movie aggressively prior to release, and the trailers play a crucial part in this.The lists below are limited to movies released in 2010.

Since there are many different things i wanted to point out in terms of trailers, i have broken this post down into 4 categories, namely:

  • Trailers which misrepresented the movie completely
  • Worst bollywood trailers of the year
  • Best Bollywood trailers of the year, and
  • Best Trailer of the year overall

Let’s jump right into it with the first category:

Trailers which misrepresented the movie completely

This is the category in which the Marketing folk know that the actual story of the movie may not be a good enough story to put in a trailer. So they just flat-out lie about the kind of movie it is. The 3 trailers most guilty of this in 2o10 are:

3. Dulha Mil Gaya: Not many will remember this movie since it released, flopped and was out of the theatre within a week, but take a look at the trailer

Did you notice that SRK seems to be in roughly 90% of the trailer? Well, he is in barely 20% of the movie. The hero of this movie is Fardeen Khan, whom you may have noticed in passing in the trailer. If that is not a misrepresentation, i don’t know what is.

2. Khatta Meetha: A Priyadarshan-Akshay Kumar combo can only mean comedy, right? Well, that is what the trailer suggests as well:

But, the laughs present in the trailer are not present in the movie at all. Taken in context, the scenes which make us laugh in the trailer are played dead serious and straight in the movie. I, for one, was sorely disappointed after watching the movie

1. Housefull: And we come to the MOST misleading trailer of the year. The trailer makes us think that Akshay Kumar is married to 3 women and the movie will deal with him keeping all 3 a secret from one another.

Needless to say, nothing as such is present in the actual movie. A brilliant comic premise was let go off to give us a half-baked slapstick comedy instead.

Worst Bollywood Trailers of the year

This was a tough category, most trailers this year have been, well, average. Finding the best 3 wasn’t a problem since there were 3 trailers which according to me were in a class of their own. But finding the worst 3 was a problem, in the end i felt that most trailers did a good job of building excitement for the movies (even the ones which completely misrepresented the movies). So i have only listed the one trailer this year which actively made me not want to watch the movie being advertised, namely:

Veer: The trailer starts off well with an epic scope, but the first shot of Salman Khan somehow spoils the trailer and it is all downhill from there. As i said before, in a really good year for trailers, this was the only disappointing one:

Best Bollywood trailers of the year

As i said in the intro to Worst trailer, these 3 trailers for me stood head and shoulders above every other trailer made for a movie this year. Those 3 are:

3. Dabanng: This trailer is the complete opposite of the Veer trailer. It starts off bad, but once Salman Khan is shown, the trailer just takes off.

What was it about this trailer that made people immediately know that there was a blockbuster movie coming? I think it was probably the overall vibe, we felt that this movie was going to be an out and out entertainer with mindless stunts and crowd pleasing one-liners.

2. Peepli Live: Very effective trailer, tells us the basic concept in the first 20 seconds and the madcap action which follows in the next 2 minutes. Most of the movie’s success i think can be attributed to the amazing trailer.

1. Ishqiya: The best trailer this year bar none. What makes this trailer better than all other movies in Bollywood. One line “Tumhara Ishq ishq, aur hamara ishq sex.” Hands down, best Bollywood trailer this year:

Best overall trailer of the year

The best overall trailer this year is one which has had a million parodies made of it, the music has become iconic and the movie itself is still talked about as an oscar contender despite being a blockbuster. Namely

Inception: Enjoy the trailer

Here’s hoping for even better trailers next year.



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