Posted by: kcgadiyar | December 29, 2010

Year end 2010: Best Bollywood and Hollywood movies of the year

2010 – A pretty good year for movie watching, every movie i expected to entertain me did just that and movies i had no expectations from exceeded them. Here are my lists of the top 5 films of the year, from Bollywood and Hollywood.


#5: Band Baaja Baraat:

A December release which frankly i had no expectations from. Then i saw the movie, it was infectious, every frame looked ready to pop out of the screen. Add to this a well written story, a good performance by Anushka Sharma and a scene stealing performance by the debutant Ranveer Singh and you have a complete paisa-vasool movie.

#4: Tere Bin Laden:

I will admit, i did not expect much from a movie whose central premise seemed so far fetched. But from the first scene onboard the flight to the US which immediately leads into the “Ullu da pattha” song, Tere Bin Laden delivers the laughs and how. Each scene in the movie is tailored to make the audience laugh and the movie hits its mark more often than not.

#3: Ishqiya:

This was an almost pitch perfect movie, the last 5 minutes with the lack of a sensible plot resolution made me rank this at 3. The movie saw really good performances by all 3 lead actors, crisp dialogues and a storyline that kept you involved throughout. Definitely one of the best movies of the year.

#2: Peepli [Live]

India’s entry to the Oscars. This movie was packaged as a commentary on farmer suicides but in actuality it was a scathing satire on the government and the media. Omkar Das Manikpuri and Raghubir Yadav played off each other very well and gave 2 of the best performances of the year.

#1: Udaan

This is how you make a coming of age movie. This movie got have easily got lost in the box office shuffle this year and is probably the best example of word-of-mouth marketing this year. If you haven’t seen it already, please do. The best Hindi movie released this year as per me.



#5: The Social Network

How do you take an unlikable protagonist and make a movie which people will enjoy. Well, if you are David Fincher, you embrace the fact that your protagnist is unlikable and turn it to eleven. Jesse Eisenberg gives a good performance and so do all the supporting players. This movie probably has the most poignant ending of all movies released this year with Mark Zuckerberg refreshing his facebook feed to see the result of a friend request sent out by him.

#4: Exit through the gift shop

This movie (documentary) showed up in my Netflix queue and seeing that it was directed by Banksy (a street artist in England who also did one of the most memorable Simpsons title sequences this season) i decided to watch it. This was well worth the time, almost Spinal Tap like in execution, this was a really good movie.

#3: How to train your dragon

The best use of 3D this year. This was a shockingly good movie from Dreamworks, not surprising that it will be getting a sequel soon.

#2: Toy Story 3

Every year, Pixar releases a new movie. Every year, people hope that this is not the movie when Pixar screws it all up. Every year, Pixar delivers big time. This year was no different, Toy Story 3 was a brilliant movie. In fact, the fake-out scene in which we think that the toys are going to die is probably one of the few moments this year when most filmgoers almost screamed at the screen saying “Someone save them”. That is how well Pixar develop their characters

#1: Inception

No surprise here. I think i have said everything i wanted to about this movie in my review of it. So instead i will leave you with this trailer which shows that “Mind Heist” can make any movie seem epic. A well deserved number 1.



  1. nice list
    i agree with Udaan as the movie of the year.
    Havent seen all the others but phas gaye Re Obama was also a pretty good movie

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