Posted by: kcgadiyar | January 7, 2011

My favorite Cartoon Theme songs of the 90s

As a new years special, ABC was playing the Jungle Book movie and it made me nostalgic for the time when i would sit in front of the TV every sunday waiting for the “Jungle Jungle pata chala hai” song to start. (It wasn’t until years later that i found that the music and lyrics for the song was by Gulzar). So i decided to seek out other theme songs from 90s cartoons (back when my TV viewing was 90% cartoons 10% sports which is the complete opposite of present day) as a tribute to Nostalgia. As a side note, Nostalgia is a strange thing, my 5-year old cousin will probably look back fondly at those times when Shin-Chan used to air on TV instead of whatever nonsense will be airing in 10 years time. So here are 5 which i remembered right off the top of my head, feel free to add any you particularly liked in the comments.

5. Jungle Book:

The song which inspired this list. Is there anyone reading this who grew up in the 90s who doesn’t suddenly get a burst of nostalgia just from the opening 3 notes. Looking at the video now, there is an obvious issue that the tempo of the song doesn’t match the visuals, but i don’t think any of us cared. This song playing meant that one of the best 30 minute cartoons was about to begin. I remember once when a former PM or President died and DD decided to have a week long mourning, so one sunday i was sitting ready to watch The Jungle Book and instead i was treated to Bismillah Khan playing the shehnai. My 10 year old self was not amused.

4. Swat Kats

I have always been a superhero fan, and Swat Kats was as close to a superhero show before “The Batman” premiered. Why do i like this theme? The guitar riff. It just plain rocks, and showing us that dinosaurs are part of the show never hurts (although i dont actually remember them fighting a dinosaur in any episode). Almost 10-12 years since i last saw a Swat Kats episode and i can still name every character, that is how religiously i followed this show

3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles…. everyone knew the chorus and “Heroes in a halfshell… Turtle Power” and absolutely no one knew the other lyrics. This show also helped most of us know the names of at least 4 renaissance artists and introduced most of us to Pizza thanks to Michaelangelo ordering pizza every episode. In my friends circle back then almost everyone wanted to be Michaelangelo, to this day none of us know why.

2. Pinky and the Brain:

Sometimes the themes which get stuck in your head are the most ridiculous ones, on the face of it “Pinky and the Brain” is almost operatic. I love how it starts with “Same thing we do every night Pinky, Try to take over the world” which pairs up nicely with the fact that this is also the last line in every episode. The “One is a genius, the others insane” line has led to plenty of debate online as to who is actually insane, is it pinky or is it brain for his single minded pursuit of world domination. Whoever it may be, this is one of the most catchiest themes ever.

1. The Disney hour – Ducktales and Talespin

Okay, so i am cheating a bit here, but lets face it, as kids these 2 shows came as a package deal. Duck Tales first, Talespin later. The thing i love about both these songs is that most people who saw these shows as a kid can still sing along to both songs. The Duck Tales one is especially bad, the “Duck Tales – Yoohoo” was a particularly nasty earworm, in fact to this day it can still be an earworm, all you need to do is say that once near anyone and they will almost surely start singing the theme song within minutes.

So those were my selections, feel free to add to them – after all, everyone’s definition of nostalgia is different.



  1. I used to regularly watch the 3-5 shows in the afternoon that used to come on Cartoon Network. It was Centurions, Fantastic Four, 4-4:30 I dont remember what was it, and Swat Cats.

    As for the theme song, at the top of my head, I can recollect The adams family, Scooby Doo, Johnny Quest and of course, the Jungle Book.

  2. You can add He-Man to the list.

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