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Best and Worst Movies of the alphabet: I and J

Hello and Welcome once again all,

It is the proud resurrection of a series whose last entry was 1 year, 1 month and 2 days ago. Why the delay between posts, I have no idea, i guess the idea of actually going through a list of movies to decide which was best and worst and actually putting thoughts down on the blog felt like too much work, and i try to avoid work as much as possible.So, to get this back on track, i have decided to just cover 2 letters at a time, this way it won’t seem like too much work and i will actually get it finished. I may go more than two if i feel like it as well.

A link to the previous 2 installments can be found at the end of this post.

Once again, all opinions are mine and mine alone and are not a reflection on the people associated with the movies, just on the movies themselves. As always, thanks once again to Subodh Kapoor for his insights into the movies being chronicled here. Also, there may be movies which are better or worse than the ones listed here, i have only listed movies which i have actually watched, so those movies may slip through the cracks. That out of the way, let’s continue:


Reading through a list of movies in I brought back a lot of memories. Most of the movies which have a title beginning with I somehow deal with “Insaniyat”, “Inquilab” or similar sentiments which haven’t been popular in Bollywood movies for some time now, which meant that most of the movies had been seen by me when they had originally aired on DD all those years ago, so this letter helped with a quick trip down memory lane.

Worst Movie: Honorable mention goes to “I see you”, there is a story behind how i actually saw this movie in a theatre which is one of my favorite tales to tell people. With that in mind, the movie itself is very very bad, a ripoff of a Reese Witherspoon movie, the actress playing the ghost (Vipasa, i think) had the same emotional range of a corpse. But, all said and done, the worst movie starting with I which i have watched is:


You know how there are a few movies you watch and you have absolutely no idea why you even saw them. Well, this is one of those movies, to this day i have no idea what possessed me to watch it. The only reason may be that i had a premonition that someday i will make a list like this and i would need a surefire worst movie contender for I. This follow-up by the team behind “Khakee” is not even worth of asking Khakee where the candles are kept. It was probably just an easy paycheck for all actors associated with the movie.

Best Movie: Honorable Mentions: “Ittefaq” – a taut thriller staged completely in a single set starring Rajesh Khanna, it also has the added advantage of being one of the easier movies to act out in a Dumb Charade (especially if you know Tulu and have a code ready). The best movie from I is:


Nagesh Kukkunoor’s best movie to date, and i say this as a fan of both Hyderabad Blues and of Dor. Shreyas Talpade had a dream debut although he is still remembered for this role and has never managed to better this performance. The movie also gave us the anthem “Aashayein”. One of the best sports movies made in India, i feel it deserves the Best movie from “I”


I have to say, in terms of quality J is loaded. So many good movies start with this letter that I guess if you want to make a quality movie start it with the letter J and you have a pretty good beginning at least.

Worst Movie: This one came to a fight between 2 movies “Jeena Sirf Mere Liye” which has a pre-Mallika Sherawat Mallika Sherawat in it (She went by her original name “Reema Lamba”), Kareena Kapoor at the height of her overacting prowess, Tusshar Kapoor being, well, Tusshar Kapoor and a storyline so bad and filled with contrived coincidences that it makes you question why you spent your time and money watching it. But, as bad as this one was, there was another movie which was worse.


This was supposed to be the big launch of Mimoh Chakraborty, in an ironical twist, i think Mithun Chakraborty has appeared in more movies than Mimoh since this movie was released. The acting was bad, Mimoh danced well, but looked more like a villain’s sidekick than a hero. The plot was taken from Amitabh Bachchan’s far superior movie “Majboor” and made very little sense, the final fight scene had me cracking up and almost literally rolling on the floor. This is one bad movie

Best Movie: Like i said before, there are so many good contenders, “Jaanbaaz” “Julie” “Johnny Mera Naam” “Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar” “Jewel Thief” “Jab We Met”, but i had to award this to one of the best, if not the best, comedies ever made in Bollywood.

Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron:

Ask anyone about this movie and you will probably hear them say “The ending scene is hilarious”. But this movie is so much more than the ending hysterics, it is a scathing satire on the state of affairs in India, as relevant now as it was back in 85 when it was made. And to top it all off, it is a laugh riot. To see how influential this movie is, consider that every single person who acted in this movie is now considered a model actor who gives scene stealing performances. This movie has influenced comedy in India in recent years since the filmmakers now are the same ones who grew up on this movie. A fitting best movie for “J”.

As an aside, there is a movie in J which transcends good and bad and goes to the level of transcendental entertainment. That movie is “Jaani Dushman: Ek Anokhi Kahani”, if you haven’t seen it yet, Why? Go get it and watch it right NOW.

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  1. Dude,
    I haven’t seen Jimmy, but Jaani Dushman has to be the one thing I am still embarrrased about!

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