Posted by: kcgadiyar | February 8, 2011

Irreverently Timed 100th post super-spectacular

On October 14th 2008, i shifted over to from my old blogging site. Now, 2 years and 4 months (give or take) later, this is my 100th post solely on

When the blog started i had no idea what i was going to write about and now a 100 posts later, i am still the same. When it started, i used to get a few stray visitors who probably chanced onto the site. Now, a 100 posts later the site is bigger than Vatican City (still a long way away from Montserrat though 🙂 ) – Click on the pic for some amusing visualizations, and for better statistics, plug in your favorite website in the search field

So, to commemorate the 100th post, i am digging through my stats dashboard and coming up with a summary of the best, the worst, the ignored and the quirky of the past 2 years. Hold on tight, here we go.

Most viewed posts:

1.Klueless 5: Way, way out in front. This post has twice as many views as any other on this site

2. Klueless 4: This post is the one that built this blog. There are 2 clear eras for this blog, before this post and after.

3. The IPL Awards: This is one of the posts i had the most fun writing. I wanted to do a follow-up last IPL, but for some reason i couldn’t. Will try to get one out there this year

4. The Incredible Hulk: This one i have no idea about, it attracts traffic every single day but i am at a complete loss to explain why.

5. The Facebook Gender Divide: The most recent entry on the list, if i had wrote this post 2 days ago, Klueless 6 would have been here.

Posts which i thought would have got more views than they did:

1. How much did Farhan lose? : This is the post i had the most fun writing. Although hopelessly dated now, i still thought it was a good idea for a post when i wrote it.

2. Driving in Hyderabad – Rules of the road: This post arose from pure frustration and i have been meaning to write a sequel about night driving for quite some time now.

3. People @ the movies: One of my personal favorite posts.

4. The bell curve: This was originally posted on my Multiply blog and carried over to here, so it is not a surprise it was barely viewed, also it is highly MCP-ish.

5. The Soundtrack of my life: Another of my favorite posts which didn’t get much love, especially since i felt this post applies to basically every single person.

6. A confederacy of dunces: My rant about the messageboards. Sad to say that even 2 years later, things are still as bad in that corner of the internet

Strangest search terms used to find this site:

5. (Tie) Lalit Modi and Sreesanth – Seriously. How do you arrive at this site by typing in “Lalit Modi” or “Sreesanth”. I personally havent been able to despite going till page 10 of the google search results. This is a huge mystery, especially considering that these 2 terms together have led over 3000 people to this blog.

4. Lalit Modi’s wife – If this had happened once or twice, i would have neglected this, but this specific search term has led people here 457 times. I am shocked that 457 people have even searched for “Lalit modi’s wife” (or one person 457 times, but that is a whole other topic)

3. фигурное катание – Apparently this means “Figure skating” in Russian. Again, once or twice would have been okay, but the sheer volume is shocking

2. Images of God – Okay, in a huge, massive collection of websites called the Internet, how does such a specific search term like “Images of god” lead people here?

1. romantic love stories of college life written by indian authors – Okay, this is just weird, someone typed out this whole phrase to find this site over 10 times. I know which post this leads to : But the fact that someone would type that whole phrase out to find this site is just amazing and proves that the internet is for everyone.

Things i will either continue or complete:

Needless to say, there have been posts or series which i started off and didn’t complete or lost my way halfway through. Over the year 2011, i will either complete or restart the following:

1. The Watchmen retrospective – There was a simple reason why i stopped this series, my internet connection. My connection when i was writing this series was 92 kbps which could not handle the upload of images. Now that i have a 1 MBps connection there is no excuse for me not to complete this series

2. Best movies of the alphabet – I made a restart on this and will aim to have it completed asap.

3. May i direct your attention to – This was a good idea, don’t know why i stopped it.

So, what is coming up for the blog? Who knows, all i know is that i want to thank everyone who reads and comments on my posts for following me through the past 100 posts.  It has been a great journey. Here is to a 100 more. Let’s keep exploring:



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