Posted by: kcgadiyar | February 13, 2011

Irreverently Timed ICC Cricket World Cup prediction game

Updates: The matches predicted using this method are readable here –

India vs Bangladesh

Australia vs New Zealand


The World Cup is almost upon us and it brings with it so many questions – Can India regain glory after 2007? Will Australia bounce back after the Ashes? and Does Kolkata really need all that extra seating for Kenya vs Zimbabwe? We may never know the answers.

This World Cup, i decided to do something different instead of just giving you my predictions for matches, because lets face it, why would you want to read my reasoning for different results? It will just get boring after a while. Instead, i got inspired by which runs an annual prediction game for the NFL and decided that i will use external sources to predict the matches instead.

First off, i have picked a few matches to predict using the techniques i will describe shortly.  I decided to steer clear of matched which will be one-sided and instead chose matches where i felt that the two teams are evenly matched and it will be tough to predict by experts. I am looking to predict 6 group games, one quarterfinal, one semifinal and the grand final using the prediction methods described below. I will not commit on the matches since work may get in the way sometimes.

These will be the prediction methods employed:

1. – Ladbrokes provides odds for each match and i will be using their odds to predict a winner in each match

2. Asking my manager – My manager is an US citizen and therefore has no idea what cricket is. I figure asking him what he thinks of the matches will help give an outsiders take on the whole thing.

3. Twitter presence – This is simple, the day prior to the match, the team which is mentioned more on twitter will be declared the winner

4. Online astrology site – There are 3-4 different astrology sites which specialize in sports predictions (a few of them claim that they predicted correctly that Kim Clijsters would beat Li Na and Djokovic would beat Murray to win the Australian Open, guess what – i predicted those too). I will be using these astrology sites predictions to come up with a winner

5. Octopus Paul – I know that the real Octopus Paul is dead, but there are flash simulations online and i will use those simulations to decide the winners of each match

6. Experts picks – Plenty of sports experts pick their favorites before each match. I will collate the predictions and present them here

7. EA Cricket Simulation – This is dependent on EA cricket being installed and run on my machine. If not, i will have to find an online simulation

8. The form guide – Results of the last 4 to 6 matches will be used to determine a winner through this method

9. The opposite of my pick – The team which i dont favor. In this way, i will be hedging my bets as well.

There you have it, instead of me giving my boring predictions match after match (which i will still be giving on Facebook), you can have a good pick from across the internet and beyond. I will try to pick offbeat matches as well during the group stage so that the predictions dont get boring. Here is hoping for a great 42 day carnival of cricket. At the end of the tournament, i will let everyone know how the different methods of prediction did.

Look out for the first prediction for India vs Bangladesh on Friday.



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