Posted by: kcgadiyar | May 10, 2011

Movie Review – Thor

“There are many heroes but there is only one God” – This was the tagline Marvel used to try to make Thor stand out from the pack of superhero movies. The trailer was really good and made this my second most awaited movie of the year (No.1 being “Green Lantern” – June 17th can’t get here fast enough). After watching “Thor” my first reaction is that it is good but it peaks too early and the entire climax feels like an afterthought.

The movie is about, well Thor (Chris Helmsworth) who is the son of Odin (a horribly out of place Anthony Hopkins) and is the heir to Asgard. But his half brother Loki has other ideas. Through machinations, he gets Thor exiled to earth. On Earth he meets Natalie Portman (didnt catch her screen name, lets face it, she is Natalie Portman) and the plot moves along till Thor decides to go back and reclaim his throne.

The movie does not have too much of a deep story and instead acts as a bridge to the “Avengers” movie, especially with the unneeded cameo from Jeremy Renner playing Hawkeye, it looks like a completely different movie in that scene with the cameo.

The special effects are good, especially the frost giant world and the 3D is used to good effect. The issue with the movie like i previously mentioned is that it peaks in the fight between Thor and “The Destroyer” and the last 15 odd minutes just fall flat due to this.

Overall, it is well worth a watch, stay until after ALL the credits for an extra scene which further sets up the Avengers movie and the “Captain America” movie.

3.5/5 – worth a watch

P.S: As a bonus, here is the latest Green Lantern Trailer (June 17th)


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