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E-mails to an e-mail scammer

Sometimes i get bored, the feeling passes quickly though as i find something to grab my attention. The other day i was looking for something to snap my streak of boredom and decided on a lark to check out my spam folder.

The spam folder seems to contain around 95% e-mails which talk about getting non-prescription medicine at reduced rates and the remaining 5% are Nigerian 419 scams. One of these e-mails caught my eye.The e-mail was from and the subject was “Job Offer as Nanny”.

The text of the e-mail was:

“I am Engr Mack Williams, I have two kids Lisa and David and am seeking for the services
of a nanny outside the United Kingdom to come and work for me in the U.K I am willing to
offer (650GBP) per week contact me with my E-mail address:

Hope to hare from you soon

Engr Mack Williams

Loved the “Hope to hare from you soon”. At this point i decided to reply to this e-mail and see how far could i stretch credibility before the scammer gives up. I immediately created a new e-mail account and replied to Engineer Mack Williams (Williams, his e-mail id seems to have 2 williams in it). I decided beforehand that every single one of my replies would be waaaay out there in order to have some fun. Also, i decided that i will include plenty of typos in my emails, if the scammer does not care about spelling, i won’t either. My first reply was:

Hi Mack daddy-o,

I am so psyched that u chose me to take care of ur kids my man. When do u want me to come and will u b paying for muy tickets to get there.
i’M so qualified for this job, it is like our minds wavelenths meet perfectly. How old are Lisa and David? when do u want me to start

Robin Hood

Yes, i did in fact sign off as Robin Hood (i thought Batman would be too obvious, judging by future correspondences, i shouldnt have worried).

The scammer did reply:


Thanks for the interest in my families have two children a boy and a girl 5&7 years old, before i can inform you of anythingI would like to see your Curriculum Vitae (CV)/Resume. Truly I need a foreign Nanny know that there are a lot of Nannies in the UK here but it’s just that I need a Nanny from outside that is caring, loving, motherly carefree and well determined, that can take good care of my kids for me but with the recommendation from you and that is the more reason I may need your services, hopefully you will be my kid’s Nanny and do according to your words.

As soon as I receive your CV I shall forward to you the visa agency information for you to contact them on your trip to UK/London

Best regards,

Engr Mack Williams.

A CV for a fake job?? Well, why not. I decided to amp up the crazy in my next email.

Ahoy there Matey,

This here day be “Talk like a pirate” day. Yer little landlubbers will be no problem for me. I yam caring and loving with kids to the max. In fact, i love kids so much that i was convicted of pedophilia (which means, loving kids) and arrested twice, this only goes to prove how much i love kids.

My Curry-culum vaty is as follows:

Name: Galactic President Superstar McAwesomeville Cool Robin the IIIrd
Born: 29th February 1983
Sex: Sometime, although not frequent

Work Experience:
– Nanny for a family of 15
    I took care of 13 kids, most of them real, a few of them imaginary
– President of Microsoft
    I decided to take a leave of absence in 1992 and Bill took over the company. I havent forgiven him for that yet
– Prime Minister and Supreme Ruler of Togo from 2:00 PM to 8:00 PM on 23rd January 2004
    I was deposed in a bloody coup by the next guy who ruled from 8 to 12 in the night

Awards and Recognition:
– Best person in the universe ever award from Togo
    Received on 23rd January at 4:00 PM
– Best Nanny
    I awarded this to myself just 5 minutes ago

I hope there is no drug testing involved, if there is, i will need an advance notice of 2 weeks.

I will need a place to stay, please put me in contct with the visa agent.

Galactic President Superstar McAwesomeville Cool Robin the IIIrd

Maybe i could have been a little subtler. But never to worry, the next e-mail came immediately:


I reside in England, London and do not get worried about the process procedures, it’s a positive process, a travel agency here in the UK will handle that for you as per your visa. I have seen your resume and it’s well understood and am impress knowing you are the kind of person I should need. Just follow any instructions they give you because that will make things a reality.

I don’t play with my kids at all because they are the apple of my eyes work because of them and I can pay so much on them. I cherish my kids a lot. Also, I use to have a Nanny that came from Asia (Philippine) and she spent 2 years with us with the help of the same agency I’ll be referring you to, but she left for the united states six months ago because she is married now, it’s her husband that invited her over, so I need a replacement ASAP. Don’t worry about the United

Kingdom , it’s a nice place to stay and I hope you will enjoy staying here with my family. The travel agency will get visa for you, just try and meet up with their requirements and update me.

You can reach them via email on:

Company Name: Harvey World Travel Agency Franchise.

Person Name: Mr. John Can


Contact the Harvey Agent and make enquiries about the tickets and other documents needed for your coming over from your country to the United Kingdom and get back to me via email and before applying for the visa, the documents that will be prepared by the Agent are needed at the UK Home Office here. The documents has to be done by the Agent first and for this you have to make things faster so that your coming over can be faster. The duties I’m looking for are as follow:

1-Supervise breakfast with the children in the morning and get them off to school (Collect my 2KIDS of ages 7yrs and 5yrs old from school at 3.40pm.)

2-Some Housework/washing/ironing as required on a daily basis

3-Supervise homework, music practice and fun activities or take children to after school activities.

4-Prepare and cook an evening meal for everyone at about 6.30-6.45 Up to two

Evening’s child minding per week

5-Weekends and Bank holidays would be free that there will not be much duties to carry out.

6-Occasional weekend work would be offered by prior negotiation…I normally

Leave for work at 7.00am and get back at around 6.30pm although some flexibility is useful.

I am offering a live-in position with full board (we eat well in this house!)

1-Separate Toilet and Bathroom.

2-TV, different types of video machines.

3-Personal computer already Internet on.

e.t.c for you and I will make sure everything goes on well with you, with my kids. Kindly send the copy of your international passport to the travel agency so they can apply for visa and the travel agent will be handling the ticket and the other documents. If you don’t mind I can arrange for you any language school and driving school if you wish. There is nothing to worry about all you have to do is contact the travel agency and make enquiries for your visa and things needed by you that will make you eligible to work here perfectly without disturbance.

Hope to hear from you soon you soon!


Engr Mack Williams.

These guys are good, using a real website for a travel and immigration agency while giving out a email id. I replied to the email id and decided to call “John Can” as “Harvey” just to see if they will notice. This was the email:

Hey Harvey “two face” my man,

Listen dood, here is the thing. I dont have a passport, so this is what i am proposing.

– U get me the visa
– I will then make a fake passport and stick the visa on there

Or there is a second option
– I will pack myself into a barrel and ship myself via mumbai to dubai to london where u can pick me up in front of the big behen

So let me know how much i must pay quickly because i have a similar offer from doctor bruce wayne in england as well and some nigerian prince has left me 10 million dollars as well. So quickly let me know about this job before i deicde to talk to them instead.

Keep on trucking,
Robin the first

Unfortunately, this e-mail id was undeliverable to. So i forgot about the whole thing and went on with my life…. until a week later this e-mail pops into my inbox:


How are you today?

I have been waiting for your resound to the E-mail I sent you then, I just want to inform you that the job is still available.

Hope to hear from you soon!


Engr Mack Williams.

Persistent scammer, arent they?I respond:

Hi Macky-o,

I sent an e-mail to the travel agency you had directed me to,  they never replied back. Can you follow-up with them for me? I can send u the documentation and u can do the needful.

Peace out,

P.S: In the week in between, i helped an Austrian widow transfer her money to Nigeria, i am waiting on my inheritance. Hahahahahah

The scammers seemed to be getting tired, here was their next email:


Regarding your E-mail to me, I sent an E-mail to the Travel Agency I was told by the officer incharge that they have not receive any E-mail from you.

I can really see that you are not ready for this job. Can you please contact me to anybody in your country you know that can take good care of kids for me? I promise that I will be paying he or she 650pounds per a week

Hope to hear from you soon!

Best regards,

Engr Mack Williams.

They are effectively telling me to help them scam people. I decide to string them along longer:

I did send them the e-mail.

Here is my passport copy, i am interested, please convince them boo hoo… u made me cry 😦 😦 please let me work as a nanny

Here is the passport copy i attached:

Yes, this is Aishwarya Rai

At this point i guess the scammers finally decided to give up. I havent heard from them in 2 weeks. Who knows though, a new e-mail may pop into my inbox tomorrow. If it does, the full story will be put up here.

Until Next Time,




  1. You have waaaaaaaaayyyyyy to much time on your hands. Loved the CV and Aisy passport.

  2. Liked the Austrian Widow part..
    Togo.. nice one for a fake… they even formed a fake football team!!!

  3. what if i sent my resumes too…. i got the same email the other day

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