Posted by: kcgadiyar | August 3, 2011

6 good songs from bad movies (in the last 5 years)

Recently the movie “Kalakaar” was playing at a mid-afternoon time on Filmy, the movie made little sense, the actor was bad, Sridevi looked like she had wandered onto the wrong set by mistake and overall, the movie was doing a poor job of making me not change the channel… when a song began and i realized that this movie has made a contribution to our pop-consciousness which endures even to this day (which is way more than most movies of that year can claim). This movie gave us the song “Neele neele ambar par”

This got me thinking about movies from recent years, which were so bad and which no one saw, but which all had one saving grace, one song which audiences will rediscover when someone remixes it in 15 years time. This is the list i came up with.

“Bol Na Halke Halke” – Jhoom Barabar Jhoom

The number of things wrong with this movie will probably take all day to write down. However, there is one thing right with this movie and that is the music. As the first half of the movie drags to its close, you are waiting for the interval sign to show up when suddenly the song “Bol Na Halke Halke” pops up. This song was not in any of the promotions for the movie, so you are just waiting for it to end so that the massacre of hindi cinema which is taking place on screen can continue (kind of like how you cannot look away from a car crash). But then something happens, the song is just beautiful, it makes you want to sing along, has a great tune and is sung just brilliantly.

This song almost single handedly salvages the whole first half by virtue of being so good. If only there was another such song in the movie, it might have become a huge hit (or at the very least not offended everyone’s intelligence)

“Shukran Allah”- Kurbaan

Ok, this movie sucked. No two ways about it. But you have to hand it to the marketing team – they knew they had 2 things going for them, this song and Kareena bareback. And boy, did they overutilize these 2 items throughout the marketing campaign. The song stands as the sole spotlight in this by and large forgettable venture.

“Don’t Say Alvida” – Main aur Mrs.Khanna

This was Salman Khan’s last movie before he struck gold with the “Wanted” formula (Remake South Indian movie, Bash up villain, Hit item song, Bash up villain while not wearing shirt, Box office smash). The movie had its moments, there were times while watching it that you feel a much better movie could have been made if a bit more effort had gone into the whole enterprise, as it stands, the movie is wholly forgettable. But, this song has stuck with me, no reason why though, may be because of the catchy tune, or Sonu Nigam’s voice (which i can’t remember hearing outside Kannada movies for some time now)

“Ishq Hua” – Aaja Nachle

This movie was not what Madhuri Dixit deserved for her comeback movie. This was the very definition of a by-the-numbers script. Every sequence of the movie can be predicted if you have only seen, say, 3 movies prior to this movie. However, hidden in between this movie was a brilliant song (which has been butchered by Talent contests and Teen romance shows on TV ever since). This song was not in the promotion for the movie, so when it popped up in the movie, it was a pleasant surprise among the utter predictability of the rest of the movie

‘Mast mast dar mastam” – Yuvraaj

Sitting through Subhash Ghai’s loud and overproduced “magnum-opus” called Yuvraaj, your mind starts to wander. You start waiting for one inspired moment of underplay and subtlety in a movie where everyone screams in the name of acting, you start contemplating life, you wonder if it is faster to walk out or to slit your wrists where you are sitting in order to escape the torture. Then, through all the bedlam, one ray of light shines through. For a full 5 minutes, you feel like you have entered a different dimension. Compared to the over the top orchestral pieces which dot the rest of the movies soundtrack, this song is simple, one voice, no extra embellishments. I admit this song is probably on the list because it is the very best thing in an abysmally bad production, but that makes it all the more deserving to be on here.

“Falak Tak Chal” – Tashan

I won’t be too hard on the movie because we were warned beforehand. (The bloody tagline of the movie was “The Isshtyle, The Good Luck, The Phormoola”) But that doesn’t excuse the terrible terrible movie we were subjected to. Even in this bad of a movie, Vishal-Shekhar manage to pull off an amazing score. And, as always, it is the least promoted song which steals the show. It has been quite some time since i have listened to the Tashan soundtrack, but barely a week goes by without me listening to “Falak tak chal” at least once.

That was my list,  please feel free to add your own choices.


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