Posted by: kcgadiyar | August 4, 2011

My “Kabir Khan” moment

On my way to office today i was stopped by the traffic police. This is not a big issue for me since i always have all my documents with me and i wear a helmet. The cop, as expected, asks for my license, registration, pollution and insurance forms which i duly produce.

Looking at all the documents, i could see his face visibly droop thinking “There goes my bribe money”. Probably clutching at straws at this point, he asks “Your license is from Karnataka??”

I dunno why i felt like taking a panga with a traffic cop early in the morning, but i went “No, it is a license from INDIA” (yes, with emphasis) and i continued “What does it matter if it is a Karnataka or an Andhra license, isn’t India one and isn’t the license valid all across India?”

The cop, probably wanting to be rid of me now, replied “Yes sir, i agree. You may go, Jai Hind”. Made my whole freaking day.



  1. HAHAAH.. LOL 😀

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